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Member since: Thu Feb 25, 2016, 09:12 AM
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Look at this interesting video from india- everybody should see this, as it shows what is happening

all around the world as countries are being pressured to privatize and globalize public higher education by the US especially.

Why are we doing this?

To Study or to Not be Able to Study? (by Media Collective)

Look familiar!?

Its ESSENTIAL to get Hillary to discuss the HUGE problems caused by GATS-

The 1995 trade deal signed by her husband Bill.

GATS appears to have been what led to the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act and then the 2008 financial disaster. many American families lost a large chunk of the equity they had because of the huge liability this change placed on the American taxpayers, basically a liability to pay off the speculators for gambling with the country's money, at 100%. And GATS's successors - which we are pushing, hope to make the same mistakes- again.

GATS is also the real reason our health care is so horrible and its ideology as carried on in additional new deals we are trying to get passed, like TPP - The trade ideology is designed to be inflexible and to put money above morals and human needs.

THIS REALLY HORRIBLE TRADE IDEOLOGY is the reason we seem to always have to get the worst deals of all.

But, its being hidden from the public. IT is the real difference between Hillary and Obama and the other backers of this corporate-first ideology, and the few dissidents like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren who disagree with it.

there are a lot more of them than we realize, which is intentional, they want people to think its just a fluke when they vote these things in. It isnt, and our ignorance on them is extremely dangerous. Any one of them could block Bernie's whole agenda from ever happening.

the existing GATS may already do that and need to be gotten out of.

Would Hillary Endorse Bernie Sanders if He is Nominated?

For party unity, even if a Sanders victory means giving up her policies to the chagrin of cherished insurance companies, banks, etc. backroom trade deals, breaking some longstanding secret deals on things like health care and pharmaceutical prices, etc.

Saving families maybe half a million dollars per person over their lifetimes on health care.

Restoring our ability to have New Deal type country-preferential (discriminatory) economic stimulus again.

Restoring our ability to have affordable health care (we would have to pull out of the WTO GATS deal and the three pending T-deals.)

What say? Could Hillary act in the country's best interest or will she leave the country in the clutches of a despotic madman - an admirer of Hitler- instead?

Justice for Sumbee!


A number of substances might improve health in a lot of situations

with low or no risk.

For example, resveratrol may be useful for glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, back pain and arthritis, it may also be good for the brain, some kinds of dabetes, and so on.

Curcumin is similarly useful, it may even prevent Alzheimers, they discovered that because people who eat curry a lot rarely get Alzheimers.

n-acetylcysteine helps prevent many cancers and helps the body deal with many toxic substances we encounter a lot.

And so on..

This article presents a great many Non-political arguments for Bernie


On virtually all of these things, Bernie's platform helps, other candidates don't, or in many cases, actually hurt. In many cases permanently and irreversibly. In some cases, that likelihood and the facts which would illuminate the imminent problem are deliberately being hidden.

Its going to be a very very difficult century if Bernie doesn't win.

Accept no substitutes for reality.

Bernie Sanders' healing wounds between Muslims and Jews, rapidly gaining Arab-American support

It appears that the reason he is appealing to a great many Arab-Americans has nothing to do with his ethnicity at all, however, he is getting lots of support based on his positions on issues of concern, and his obstinate refusal to buy into the islamophobia being pushed by others. making them look like the bigots they are.

“A number of media commentators wondered why the first viable Jewish contender for the presidency would be winning support from Arab and Muslim Americans. The answer appears to be simple. Sanders won Dearborn [Michigan] the same way any candidate wins any constituency: by listening to its members and responding to their concerns.”

Anyway, I think this is just great!

Hawaii Democrats pick Sanders in landslide over Clinton

Obama's home state picks Sanders by 2:1 margin over his endorsed replacement Hillary Clinton



"Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in Hawaii Democrats’ presidential preference poll Saturday, mobilizing a grass-roots campaign that signed up thousands of new Democrats and defied the wishes of almost the entire “old guard” of the party.

The Sanders victory in Hawaii capped a three-state sweep Saturday that showed his campaign continues to mount an unexpectedly potent alternative to former Secretary of State Clinton’s presidential bid. Sanders was also victorious in Washington and Alaska.

A number of Hawaii residents complained the party’s voting was cut off too early, leaving dozens of people who arrived late standing around in school parking lots without an opportunity to participate. Party officials had announced the polling would start at 1 p.m. but never explained when the voting would end, which caused confusion.

Sanders dominated the race with 70 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 30 percent, with all precincts counted. Turnout was expected to be strong and did not disappoint with 33,716 votes cast.

Sanders won 17 delegates and Clinton received eight, according to the final tally. The delegate tally does not include nine so-called Hawaii superdelegates, most of whom support Clinton."

(truncated- see http://www.staradvertiser.com/breaking-news/polls-open-for-democratic-caucus/ )

Bill Clintons True Legacy: Outsourcer in Chief


"the biggest beneficiaries of his administration were Wall Street, Chinese factory owners and U.S. banks and the biggest losers were blue collar workers. Mitt Romney may have run a company that outsourced jobs but Clinton ran a country that did."
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