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Member since: Mon Feb 22, 2016, 01:26 AM
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Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote

Heading into crucial primaries in auto industry states such as Michigan and Ohio, Hillary Clinton in recent days has argued that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2009 vote to block the release of Wall Street bailout money proves he “was against the auto bailout” and that he voted “against the money that ended up saving the auto industry.” But other Democratic lawmakers who voted the same way as Sanders are challenging Clinton’s portrayal of that vote.


Clinton slams democratic activists behind closed doors

Apologies if already posted.

The gap in Michigan may be closing


IMO this is a very, very important state coming up. If Bernie can win there it would be a very good sign, if he loses he can't lose by much, it has to be close.

Steal the Bern again?!

Bill Clinton in Omaha: "Make college tuition free in every public university in the country"



Which states counter the SEC states?

With it seeming Hillary will win big in the SEC states with large black populations like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, etc., which states could be yuuuge wins for Bernie and counter that?

Never give up!

AP already projects Clinton wins SC



Polls Today (so far)


Clinton 55 - Sanders 40

This gap has closed big time.



Clinton 54 - Sanders 44

Same as Ohio, gap narrowing.


And these are big states.
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