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Member since: Mon Feb 22, 2016, 01:26 AM
Number of posts: 370

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So I turn on the news this morning

First thing I see is "Is there a terrorist cell in the US?" (Brussels)

Then "This race is far from over" (republicans)

Then Hillary proclaiming victory in Arizona.



Tyler Pedigo final projections for AZ, ID, UT

Sanders search interest has fallen dramatically in Arizona over the past two days, and it remains to be seen if this will have a significant impact on the results tonight, but this same rapid downward search trend happened in Minnesota and did not ultimately change anything. Meanwhile, search interest for Bernie in Idaho and Utah is through the roof. Here are my final estimates for tonight:



Tyler Pedigo Predictions AZ, ID, UT



He has adjusted his model, it's a good read.

Is Hillary campaigning in AZ, ID or UT?

Is she holding any events at all in those states? Has anyone there seen any of her commercials?

This is what we are up against

marc shariat ‏@marc_shariat
@JamesSemaj1220 @MSNBC @BernieSanders @maddow shows how stupid are you in math? Take some 1 grade math before talk. CNN and MSNBC are source

This is regarding delegate count...

Hillary Voters

It's sad, really.

Does Ohio seem wrong?

After winning a similar state in Michigan, almost tied in Illinois, somehow he loses Ohio by the same margin as North Carolina???

The fix is in?

Bernie now within striking distance in Ohio

Tyler Pedigo

Bernie now within striking distance of Hillary in Ohio. Very real possibility for three Sanders wins tomorrow.





This is the guy that got Michigan right.

It's tight!

Positives of Trump protest

Since there seem to be some hand wringers here only considering possible negatives...

1. There is no sign of the protestors starting any violence. It was a protest. Sometimes protests need to get "in their face" a little. If you are easily ignored, you will be. A protest outside the facility in Chicago probably would have been ignored.

2. A fascist like Trump needs to be confronted, and before he possibly becomes President.

3. Publicity. Bernie needs it, he got it. Not everyone is going to see this as a negative, our guys stood up with BLM and others Trump has insulted against the bully. People will notice, black people, hispanic, muslims, etc. This can get more people on our side and motivate them to vote.

That said, I think this worked as a one time event, I would not adivise doing it repeatedly.
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