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Member since: Sat Feb 20, 2016, 09:19 PM
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The establishment won this battle, but

Now is the time to focus on local and state changes. For all of those who supported Bernie, we now see who is a part of the problem with our Party. We fought for the big win at the very top. It may not have worked, but I truly believe the message was sent.

We must start working from the ground up now. We need to continue this fight to change politics for the future. A new wave of political change needs to start taking hold at local and state races. Continue searching for candidates that are progressive and not DINOs. This may be a longer road to a better future, but it will create a stronger foundation that will last longer.

It's okay to be discouraged that the establishment and corporate media decided the race. Let your mind take a break from politics, because now the real fight is getting started. It will be a marathon, but it is something we owe to our future.

No more DINOs!

To all my Bernie supporting friends

This is just one battle. This primary has been effective in exposing our party leadership for the corporate lobbyist they are. For years it only it seemed they were only compromising so much and so often because they wanted to get the best they could for us. Not true at all. They only give lip service to wanting to help us while going behind our backs to cash in.

The 1% would never let Bernie win. Why would they? He would ruin their gravy train. They get the benefit of receiving tax dollars from us. They avoid taxes while our schools crumble, water is poisoned, health care being too expensive (even with ACA), etc.

We carry the burden of paying taxes, while they reap the benefits at the cost of our country.

Now it is up to us to start voting these DINOs out. We know who they are now. Over the next decade, at least, it is up to us to get this cowards out of office. No more disastrous free trade deals, no more fracking, no more too big to fail, no more gutting social security. Find and support candidates who want single payer, who want a cleaner environment, who want the rich to share the burden of educating our youth, who support expanding and protecting social security. These are the basics.

We have a path to a better future. Bernie has shown us what should be basic rights. Now it is up to us to continue fighting for them.

No more lesser of two evils. TRUE PROGRESSIVISM IS THE FUTURE. No more DINOs.

Have you ever noticed

That all through the day, this site is inundated with anti-Bernie posts and negative posters. It seems like these posts are the heaviest during traditional working hours. After 5pm it changes and more positive posts start rolling in and seem to be more Pro-Bernie.

It's almost like daytime, negative posting is a job for some people while so many others are at work. Just saying.

That speech seemed reminiscent of the Bush years

It seemed like every time the heat was on, Ole W would come out with a speech about the military and pride for our servicemen and servicewomen. Then slip in a little fear about what could go wrong and how we have enemies throughout the world. Then get really patriotic with how the USA is the best.

Now I agree with those things, but it just seems like the timing was a textbook example of how to change the narrative when having a bad week.

Keep fighting for us Bernie!

Thank you Bernie for standing up to represent us. DON'T STOP FIGHTING!

We are with you. What you have done for all us is more then any leader in my lifetime. You have shown us it is possible to fight back and stand up against the corporate controlled party leaders.

You owe nothing to the DNC or the party leadership. They have worked to undermine you and that means undermine US, the people. I am with you no matter what.

Time to pump some money to Bernie

I feel like all this nonsense and ridiculous garbage on 24/7 about how bad Bernie and his supporters are is more than enough reason to donate again.


Fascism can't be acceptable

When a group supporting one candidate forces others to leave or shut down a site because they are intolerant of other views, why is this not called what it is? These acts are being openly celebrated when they should be ashamed and condemned. The worst part, people are paid to do this. They are not "correcting" the record. They are bullying and intimidating others.
Censoring others is not the answer. This can't be tolerated. Is this the beginning of the end for our once proud and brave country?

Clever tactic

So news trickles out about a Hillary PAC paying to "correct" the record. Many see this as a way to inundate the opposition and squash others voices. The clever part about doing this is the way posters are suddenly asking, "could other candidates being doing this already?"

This is a slick way of smearing the supporters of other candidates and taking away credible arguments. This is just another example of dirty tricks used by politicians that have been making so many people tired of the establishment.

Why are there so many calls to have Bernie quit?

This is a question I have and do not mean any ill will towards anyone. I would think allowing everyone in all 50 states an opportunity to cast a vote is the most democratic thing we can do. This is the only voice so many have to say what is important to them.

It is the right thing to do, so that people can say what issues are important to them. It gives many of us hope that we still hold some power, even if that is just an illusion these days. Please don't succumb to a path that is easier, just because we want to win, but instead, let the process play out. It is more than just one side versus the other. It is about allowing everyone to have a voice.

If party unity is the goal, then let's start by agreeing that democracy should reign supreme. Everyone deserves a vote.
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