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Member since: Sat Feb 20, 2016, 11:42 AM
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Republican Senate Ag committee approves Dark ACT to pimp GMO infestation

The month of March is roaring in not like a lion, but like a Republican corporate industrial chemical pharmaceutical GMO-glyposate SHIT STORM, Inc. to guarantee that you will never ever ever ever ever ever know what kind of genetic-industrial crap corporations are dumping into the food you feed your family.

Today the Senate Agriculture Committee narrowly passed a version of the House-adopted Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act.

The bill will block states from enacting GMO labeling laws and make it harder for companies to voluntarily label foods made with genetically engineered ingredients.


Zom-bees: The Buzzing Dead

NYT: "Call it “The Buzzing Dead.” Infestations of what scientists have dubbed “zombie bees” have spread across both the West and East coasts in recent years..."

"They are succumbing to their overlord, larvae of the fly Apocephalus borealis..."

This story from the NY Times should be setting off Massive Alarm Gongs in the skull of anyone who cares about the natural world that makes human life possible. Researchers may not yet have nailed down the factors causing the parasitic flies to go apeshit in relation to the bees, but an overall context is obvious to anyone who is paying attention (and who is not somehow beholden to payola from the chemical-pharmaceutical-genetic Borg, Inc.). To wit: as industrial chemical GMO profit-driven "products" continue to infest and overpower the natural world, things just keep getting weirder and weirder.


"Rubio’s hectoring melody overlapped Trump’s exasperated harmony"- Repub whinefest

Frank Bruni at the Times is one of my favorite columnists. He's got lots of insight on the Republican slime & whine fest that fouled the airwaves last night.

Bruni: "...But Rubio turned in Trump’s direction with particular force. With ferociousness, in fact. He recited a meticulously memorized litany of Trump’s transgressions..."


Somewhere deep in his twisted soul, even Clarence Thomas must...

...realize that his degenerate Republican colleagues are crapping all over the US Constitution by refusing to consider the President's Supreme Court nominee for purely racist-political reasons: Because Obama is Black. Even Clarence T. - as twisted a soul as has ever fouled the American landscape - must realize that he himself is Black. Hello? Clues are everywhere.

How can Clarence T. live with himself and the shame of knowing that - once again - he is selling out himself, any shred of dignity or integrity that may remain for him, and his ancestors: all for a measly mess of putrid Republican pottage.

One wonders how climate change denial will work for Repubs in the general election

Even though reality denial is a fundamental Republican strategy,
actual reality keeps slapping America in the face. WAKE UP!

From today's NY Times:

Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries

"The worsening of tidal flooding in American coastal communities is largely a consequence of greenhouse gases from human activity, and the problem will grow far worse in coming decades, scientists reported Monday.

Those emissions, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, are causing the ocean to rise at the fastest rate since at least the founding of ancient Rome, the scientists said..."


MoDo: The exclamation point has slouched off.

I'm not a yuuugge MoDo fan, but today's snark is splendid:

"The dynasty has perished, with a whimper. The exclamation point has slouched off.

The Bushes are leaving the field to someone they have utter contempt for: Donald Trump.

And the main emotion in Bushworld is relief. No one could bear one more day of watching Jeb get the flesh flayed off him by Trump..."


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