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Member since: Sat Feb 20, 2016, 10:42 AM
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Chemical Glyphosate (GMO handmaiden) found in California Wines

Researchers have already found the toxic herbicide glyphosate (which is used in conjunction with over 80% of GMO crops) in beer and tampons, and of course in human bodies. Now they have also found the foul, toxic glorp* infesting California wines.

As it happens, the industrial ag farmers spraying toxic glyposate all over kingdom come have even polluted nearby organic vineyards to a degree. The contamination of conventional wine was 28 times higher than organic wine.

No doubt the vast, well-funded War on Clean Food and Drink (aka War on Organics or Organic Hippie Punching) campaign will attempt to use this as propaganda to allege that clean, organic food is just as f*cked up as the Product that issues from Corporate Industrial GMO-Chemical-Pharmaceutical Conglomerates, Inc.

WARNING: Do not swallow the Industrial Glyphosate PR which systematically infest the Intertubes, the way the chemical toxin glyphosate systematically infests GMO fields, and then drifts into the rest of the world, including our bodies.


Are GMO food products responsible for the degenerate state of the Republican party?

It's obvious that the entire Republican party has degenerated into vile, mechanistic, opportunistic, mysogynistic, racist, homophobic, anti-intellectual, corporate-toady, fear-driven cohort of misaligned sheeple.

Top expositors on DU and elsewhere have noted that this widespread degeneration (see photographic evidence below) has corresponded closely in time with the infestation of the food chain with food products rolled off the GMO chemical pharmaceutical industry assembly line, Inc. (R).

Correlation is not causation, of course, but EXPERTS AGREE that this disastrous state of affairs is worthy of a massive, rigorous non-industry-funded independent research project.

The GMO-Chemical industry's corporate war on clean, uncontainated food

"Since 2012, the agrichemical and food industries have mounted a complex, multifaceted public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaign in the United States, costing more than $100 million, to defend genetically engineered food and crops and the pesticides that accompany them.

"The purpose of this campaign is to deceive the public, to deflect efforts to win the right to know what is in our food via labeling that is already required in 64 countries, and ultimately, to extend their profit stream for as long as possible.

This campaign has greatly influenced how U.S. media covers GMOs. The industry’s PR firm, Ketchum, even boasted that “positive media coverage has doubled” on GMOs.

Two points:

#12: GMO science is for sale. Science can be swayed, bought or biased by the agrichemical industry in many ways, such as suppressing adverse findings, harming the careers of scientists who produce such findings, controlling the funding that shapes what research is conducted, the lack of independent U.S.-based testing of health and environmental risks of GMOs, and tainting scientific reviews of GMOs by conflicts of interest.

#13: There are nearly no consumer benefits of GMOs. The GMOs that Americans eat are not healthier, safer or more nutritious than conventional foods. They do not look better, nor do they taste better. By any measure that consumers actually care about, they are not in any way an improvement. Profits from GMOs accrue to the agrichemical companies, while health risks are borne by consumers.


DoublePlus unGood Friday: They will Cruzify him.

Tuff day for The AnnoinTED One (R). DoublePlusUnGood Friday.

Civics 101 Quiz: What if?

OK, what if Trump does get tossed under the Republican bus at the convention and runs as an Independent. Could happen. Maybe even, for the sake of argument, Bernie also decides to run as an independent. Whatever.

In any event, if in the general election no candidate (Dem., Repub, or I) gets a sufficient number of electoral college votes, does that mean that the lame duck Republican Congress gets to pick the next President?


Cruz bags Elliott Abrams as Co-Plotter

Americans groan as they learn that self-appointed Theocrat Teddy Cruz has locked lips with Reagan-era neocon Iran-Contra criminal Elliott Abrams.


Study shows 99.6% of Germans tainted by toxic glyphosate (GMO handmaiden)

The toxic herbicide glyphosate can enter the body through food or drinking water.

A new study shows that the majority of Germans have been contaminated by the compound.

(Glyphosate is used on over 80% of GMO crops. Scientists are finding it in beer, tampons, and a wide range of other products. It's everywhere. Although this study was done in Germany, it is highly likely Americans are being contaminated by this toxin – handmaiden to the GMO industry - at a similarly high rate).

"A worrying three-quarters of the German population have in fact been contaminated by the controversial herbicide, according to a study carried out by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

"The report analysed glyphosate residue in urine and it concluded that 75% of the target group displayed levels that were five times higher than the legal limit of drinking water. A third of the population even showed levels that were between ten and 42 times higher than what is normally permissible.

"Glyphosate residue was recorded in 99.6% of the 2,009 people monitored by the study. The most significant values were found in children aged from zero to nine and adolescents aged 10 to 19, particularly those individuals raised on farms..."


BREAKING: Forces of Light prevail over The DARK Act

...at least for the moment...

"Due to the thousands of phone calls and letters you've helped send into your senators' offices, the Senate did not get the 60 votes needed to move Monsanto's Dream Bill forward to a full vote.

However, we can't declare full victory yet — labeling opponents are already scheming to bring this bill back up before the Vermont"


Sign a Thank you card for the Senators who stood with the human beings against corporate secrecy and hegemony: http://act.foodpolicyaction.com/page/s/sign-the-card-thank-senators-for-blocking-the-dark-act

Wall Street gagging on GMOs & glyphosate

"Goldman Sachs downgraded Monsanto's stock to a SELL 2 weeks ago! Now it looks like Monsanto is about to take another big hit, new information from a report published not only reinforces Goldman Sachs lowering of Monsanto's shares from a neutral rating, to a sell rating.

"Goldman Sachs aren't the only ones to start reducing their target price on Monsanto, Berenberg Bank has reduced its outlook on Monsanto's longterm prospects from $145.00 to $125.00...


Killer Care: How Medical Error Became America's Third Largest Cause of Death,

This is shocking. But I urge you not to jump on the Stupid Bandwagon and start condemning all of Medical Science just because of these facts.

One could, I suppose, post a Generic HeartBleed story here about how a particular toddler suffered and died needlessly at the hands of medical science. That would tug at heart strings, for sure. But it would give a distorted picture of medical science.

So I urge you: Do not condemn all healers because of this unfortunate reality. We do not need any more incitement to stupid Digital Stoning Parties.


"Among Leape and Makary’s principal interests were deficient and impaired physicians. Leape was famous for speaking at national conferences to hundreds of physicians and asking them to “raise your hand if you know of a physician you work with who should not be practicing because he or she is dangerous?” Every hand had gone up, and still goes up today when Makary asks the same question..."
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