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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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EU referendum: Why is there no exit poll?

Source: Independent

The exit polls at general elections, which are run for the BBC, ITV and Sky by Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University, have built up a reputation for getting the result right over many election cycles.

The polls work by asking people how they voted at sampling points across the country, and comparing that with surveys at the same places in the previous election. The changes can then be projected to build up a national picture. Last year, the exit poll announced when the polls closed at 10pm put the Conservatives on 316 seats and Labour on 239: the Tories ended up winning 15 more and Labour seven fewer.

However, there will be no exit poll published at 10pm when voting in the EU referendum closes because the broadcasters have no way of knowing how accurate it would be.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-referendum-exit-poll-who-has-won-remain-leave-brexit-live-updates-a7094886.html

Hillary Clinton’s Speech: What You Missed

"Hillary Clinton planned on Tuesday to disparage the economic record and policy acumen of Donald J. Trump in a speech, suggesting his ideas were ill-considered and scrutinizing his own checkered business history.

Some of the highlights,"


Hillary Clinton to add Jacob Leibenluft, Obama's long-time economic adviser, to campaign team

"Jacob Leibenluft, deputy director of the National Economic Council, will become a senior policy adviser as Clinton prepares to fill out her economic agenda for the general election.

On Tuesday, she plans to deliver a speech in Columbus, Ohio, that will contrast her proposals to lift middle-class incomes with Donald Trump's business record, which she will argue is characterized by self-interest at the expense of others.

Leibenluft has served on Obama's economic team from the beginning of the president's first term. Among his areas of focus have been policies on job training, apprenticeships and the minimum wage"


Wall Street cash or Elizabeth Warren: Hillary's choice

"Wall Street has an unambiguous message for Hillary Clinton: Don't pick Elizabeth Warren as your vice president if you want to keep getting our money.

That warning came through very clearly in over a dozen interviews I did over the last week with some of the largest Democratic donors on Wall Street who have helped fund Clinton's campaigns over the years as well as funneled cash to Bill Clinton's political career in the 1990s.

"If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her," one top Democratic donor who has helped raise millions for Clinton told me. "They would literally just say, 'We have no qualms with you moving left, we understand all the things you've had to do because of Bernie Sanders, but if you are going there with Warren, we just can't trust you, you've killed it.'"

The arguments of course are mostly self-serving. The financial services industry loathes Warren, who more than anyone in the last 80 years has channeled the rage against Wall Street that began with the Great Depression and continues to course through the nation following the 2008 financial crisis. Warren wants to break up the nation's largest banks. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The mere mention of her name draws groans from bankers.

But there is at least a bit of substance to their arguments. Bankers believe Clinton, should she win, will have an opportunity to make deals with Republicans in Congress to pass major infrastructure spending coupled with international tax reform during her first months in office. And they think Warren in the VP's office would make cutting any such deals harder.

"Clinton is going to face a divided government unless there is a total tsunami," said one moderate Washington Democrat with close ties to the banking industry. "What you want in a vice president is someone who can negotiate for you on the Hill, someone like Joe Biden. And that is not a Warren strength."


At this point I don't think Hillary needs to make an announcement just yet.

Supreme Court rules for police in search case

Source: AP

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that evidence of a crime may be used against a defendant even if the police did something wrong or illegal in obtaining it.

The justices voted 5-3 to reinstate the drug-related convictions of a Utah man.

The ruling comes in a case in which a police detective illegally stopped defendant Joseph Edward Strieff on the streets of South Salt Lake City, Utah. A name check revealed an outstanding warrant for Strieff.

Strieff was placed under arrest and searched. He was carrying methamphetamine.

Read more: http://bigstory.ap.org/1ef09db1314f4d749a574b3dcb3e5871

The most important part.

"The Supreme Court ruled Monday that evidence of a crime may be used against a defendant even if the police did something wrong or illegal in obtaining it."

Crazy stuff!

FBI Arrests 3 High-Ranking New York City Police Officers

Source: ABC

Authorities say the FBI has arrested four people, including three high-ranking New York Police Department officers, in connection with New York City's ongoing corruption probe.

Police Commissioner William Bratton and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara plan to detail the case at a midday press conference Monday.

A businessman who contributed heavily to Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign already has pleaded guilty in the case

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/fbi-arrests-high-ranking-york-city-police-officers-39986127

It's not looking good for Bill.

NASA Unveils Plans for Electric-Powered Plane

Source: NYT

A new experimental airplane being built by NASA could help push electric-powered aviation from a technical curiosity and pipe dream into something that might become commercially viable for small aircraft.

At a conference on Friday of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Washington, Charles F. Bolden Jr., the NASA administrator, announced plans for an all-electric airplane designated as X-57, part of the agency’s efforts to make aviation more efficient and less of a polluter.

For the X-57, the NASA researchers are designing narrower wings that are efficient during cruise flight, powered by two 60-kilowatt electric motors at the wingtips that spin five-foot-wide propellers.

For takeoff and landing, 12 smaller 9-kilowatt motors powering two-foot-wide propellers will kick in to blow extra air over the skinny wings to generate the necessary lift. In flight, the smaller propellers are folded away

Read more: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/06/18/science/nasa-electric-plane-x57.html

It should be noted that the plane is not a new design. It will be based on an Italian made Tecnam P2006T.

That said, the propulsion system definitely is intriguing. Especially the the dual stage motor setup.

Germany slams NATO 'warmongering' on Russia

Source: Yahoo

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has criticised NATO for having a bellicose policy towards Russia, describing it as "warmongering", the German daily Bild reported.

Steinmeier pointed to the deployment of NATO troops near borders with Russia in the military alliance's Baltic and east European member states.

"What we should avoid today is inflaming the situation by warmongering and stomping boots," Steinmeier told Bild in an interview to be published Sunday.

"Anyone who thinks you can increase security in the alliance with symbolic parades of tanks near the eastern borders, is mistaken," Germany's top diplomat added

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/germany-slams-nato-warmongering-russia-115515814.html?

AP: Julian Castro says he isn't being vetted as a potential running mate

"U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro said Friday he isn't being vetted as a potential running mate for Democrat Hillary Clinton and continued to maintain that he is unlikely to be offered the job.

But the 41-year-old rising star among Democrats wouldn't say one way or the other whether he would accept if Clinton asked him to join the ticket as her vice presidential candidate.

"I'm not going to get into that. Number one, I've said for a long time, I don't believe that's going to happen," Castro said. "This is a decision that she's going to make and I'm going to be happy to support whatever the ticket is."


Elizabeth Warren visits Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren made a visit to Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters on Friday, a stop that is bound to stoke further vice presidential speculation.

Warren greeted staffers, took photos and delivered a pep talk to mark the start of the general election, according to several sources present at the visit.

According to one attendee, Warren thanked them for their hard work and urged them to keep it up through the general election.

"Don't screw this up," Warren told them, according to one attendee who posted about the visit on social media before deleting it.

She also talked to staff about the importance of the election, including when it comes to issues like filling vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court and preserving Democratic priorities like the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act."


Anyone remember the date when Obama announced that it would be Biden? I still would be surprised but I'm thinking it just might end up being Warren.
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