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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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“(Sanders) is the very first presidential candidate to step foot on our sacred land.

"Nearly 3,000 people lined the sidewalks around the Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff on Thursday to hear what Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had to say. With a capacity of only 900 people in the main ballroom, many Bernie supporters only made it as far as the casino lobby where they listened to the senator from Vermont’s speech over speakers.

The “A Future to Believe In” rally hit many of the same talking points Sanders has been hammering home throughout his campaign. Sanders talked about vote suppression and how the U.S has the lowest voter turnout of any county on earth, the “rigged economy” with the top 1/10th of 1% having as much wealth as the bottom 90%, and his plans to create tuition free public colleges and universities, a universal healthcare system, and raise the minimum wage to $15 a hour. But what made this rally different from others Sanders has hosted was the focus on Native American issues."

"“I thought he was pretty well versed on the issues. He brought up the fact that we need to honor the treaty rights, he brought up the fact that we need to have members from our own tribe from all over the nation be a part of executive decisions which is not what’s happening now.” Larry said. His sister, Cecilia, added that she was pleased the candidate brought up one issue in particular,

““I especially liked that he brought up indigenous women and violence against indigenous women. Right now that’s a really big issue because there are a lot of indigenous women missing, murdered, raped, sexually assaulted, and a lot of it goes along with the pipeline, the fracking, those (work) camps are committing violence against indigenous women on indigenous land. And we cannot do anything about it because of federal jurisdiction. So I really appreciated that he brought up that tribes need to have sovereign rights in order to be able to persecute those criminals on Indian land.”

Cecilia finished by saying that this is the most she has heard a candidate discuss issues regarding tribal communities,"


We all win when Bernie Sanders runs

"That Bernie came in second in this past Tuesday's primaries doesn't mean much. He got more than enough votes to justify an ongoing campaign. And the longer he runs, the better for all of us.

This stuff about him being a "single-issue candidate" is nonsense. The corporate media and the regular Democrats can't handle the complexity of what's essentially a nuanced class and counter-cultural analysis. They're desperate to avoid the realities of what's being said.

The campaign, of course, is about way more than just Bernie.

And the calculations of delegates and vote counts and much of the rest of it have their place. But we need not lose heart when Hillary seems to get more votes. And she, above all, should be deeply grateful to a genuine grassroots campaign that's been the only thing sparking any real life into an otherwise excruciating mainstream slog.

Every speech Bernie gives, every day his campaign proceeds, every moment of media time he gets is a plus for all of us.

He is, above all, educating and energizing a new wave of activists and ordinary citizens of all ages. The impacts are essential and incalculable. They will be with us for decades.

This past Sunday I watched Bernie speak to about 5,000 mostly young, very diverse citizens at Ohios State's Schottenstein Arena. State Senator Nina Turner opened for him with amazing verve.

Bernie then talked for about an hour on a wide range of issues near and dear to us all: social justice, Social Security, Medicare, fair taxation, killing free trade agreements, climate chaos, Solartopian energy, native rights, women's rights, LGBT, true family values, corporate power, the 1%, militarism, the power of activism, and more.

Of course he began by denouncing Donald Trump's fascist demagoguery.

At the end, he simply pointed out that love is a more powerful force than hate."

Please note that I took the 🗽 to change the headline.


U.S. to select first woman combatant commander in the military

Source: Yahoo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will name the first woman to head a U.S. combatant command, selecting Air Force General Lori Robinson as the next head of the military's Northern Command, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Friday.
The position, which is subject to Senate confirmation, is one of the most senior in the U.S. military and would make Robinson - who now leads U.S. air forces in the Pacific - the top general overseeing activities in North America.
"General Robinson, it just so happens, would also be the first ever female combatant commander," Carter said, disclosing Obama's plans to nominate her.

Read more: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/u-general-named-become-first-woman-lead-combatant-132119000.html

Congratulations to General Lori Robinson!

How To Explain Hillary Clinton’s Fundraiser With Failed Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

"So, that happened. Elizabeth Holmes is the young, fresh-faced CEO of Theranos, a medical device startup that promised to revolutionize the science of blood testing with cutting-edge technology. But there’s a problem. Last October, the Wall Street Journal reported that Theranos wasn’t delivering anything close to what it promised. In the months since, the company has become synonymous with corporate excess — serial violators of lab standards and federal regulations that posed “immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety.”

So, why is Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton having a fundraiser with Holmes next week? The choice seems inexplicable — unless you’ve read Thomas Frank’s new book, Listen Liberal: or Whatever Happened To The Party of the People. Frank joined the “So That Happened” podcast to discuss his new tome."


New pro-Hillary Clinton ad bites back at Donald Trump’s video that showed her ‘barking'

Could be better but not bad.


Here's why you shouldn't trust the media frenzy around Clinton's big wins

An interesting read that breaks down a lot of info



"IF THERE WAS anything surprising about Hillary Clinton’s defense of capital punishment when questioned by an Ohio death row exoneree Sunday night, it was only that she was not better prepared to deliver it. This was no gotcha question, no unscripted ambush like the one carried out last month by Black Lives Matter protesters who confronted Clinton at a fundraiser with her ’90s-era rhetoric about “superpredators.” Although the CNN-sponsored Democratic town hall dictated that candidates do not receive questions in advance, the Clinton campaign almost certainly knew that Ricky Jackson, who spent an incomprehensible 39 years in prison as an innocent man, would be in the audience — and that if called upon, he would probably ask Clinton to justify her support for a policy that sent him to die for a crime he did not commit.

Yet, face to face with an emotional Jackson, who had to pause to regain his composure as he described how he came “perilously close” to execution, Clinton could only repeat a line that Jackson himself later described as “canned.”"

This is a very progressive position for Hillary to take lol!


Iowa Police Frustrated With Clinton Over Bills

"Police in Iowa say that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with Democratic presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton's campaign over unpaid bills.

The Des Moines Police Department is still be waiting to reimburshed for the services they provided during a Katy Perry concert in October and the Marshalltown Police Department is dealing with a similar issue, according to WHO-TV.

Former President Bill Clinton was in Marshalltown on Jan. 15, and he requested and received security assistance from the department, while Hillary Clinton held a much larger campaign event in Marshalltown a few weeks later on Jan. 26.

"We have requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign. We haven't received that payment yet," Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper told the news station.

After not receiving any response from the campaign after several tries, Tupper sent a bill for both events on March 11 for expenses totaling just under $2,700."

They can't even get a return phone call from the Clinton campaign lol! I guess they don't need there help anymore.


Broad City Gives Hillary a Cameo, Gleefully Skewers Sexism Directed at Her Campaign


Hillary does a pretty good job as the clip is funny

Scans of King Tut's Tomb Reveal Hidden Rooms, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry Says

Source: NBC news

CAIRO — Radar scans of King Tut's tomb have revealed two spaces on the north and east chambers of the pharaonic mausoleum that could contain the "discovery of the century," Egypt's antiquities ministry said Thursday.

Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty told a press conference that metal and organic masses were revealed by the scans, signaling that the rooms could possibly contain funerary objects.

"It could be the discovery of the century. It's very important for Egyptian history and the history of the world," he said, adding that the chambers may well have belonged to a king or queen. Further tests will be done on March 31 to discover more about the newly-discovered spaces, he added

One prominent Egyptologist has theorized that Queen Nefertiti, whose regal beauty was immortalized in a bust on display in a Berlin museum, could be buried in the walls of Tut's 3,300-year-old pharaonic mausoleum.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/scans-king-tut-s-tomb-reveal-hidden-rooms-egypt-s-n540631

I've always been fascinated with ancient Africa and this story has the potential to be groundbreaking.

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