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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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At AIPAC, Clinton Attacks One Race-Baiting Demagogue, Invites Another to the White House

“One of the first things I’ll do in office is invite the Israeli prime minister to visit the White House,” Clinton said, to applause. This is not the first time Clinton has promised to extend this invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu almost as soon as she takes office.

This sounds harmless enough, but the audience would have understood this to be an endorsement of the following contentions: that Barack Obama’s frosty relationship with Netanyahu is primarily the president’s fault, that a more accommodating Democratic president would have a more constructive and cooperative relationship with Netanyahu, and even that a more cooperative and cordial relationship with Netanyahu would be good for both countries."

Obama was right to keep this guy at arm's length.


Sanders beats Clinton in Democrats Abroad primary 2-to-1

"Bernie Sanders has claimed a decisive victory over rival Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton among Democrats living aboard.

According to the Democratic National Committee, Sanders defeated Clinton in the Democrats Abroad Primary 69 percent to 31 percent, scoring 23,779 votes to Clinton’s 10,689.

All told, some 34,570 registered Democrats living outside the United States participated in 150 voting events around the world."


Google this! Hillary Clinton and the Syrian regime-change conspiracy

"If you’d have said a year ago that the US State Department, Google, and Al Jazeera had been collaborating in pursuance of regime change in Syria, chances are you’d have been casually dismissed as a ‘crank’ and a ‘conspiracy theorist’.
Syria was a people’s uprising against a wicked genocidal Russian-backed dictator and the West had nothing to do with the bloodshed which engulfed the country. If you thought otherwise then you were considered an 'Assad apologist'.

However, thanks to Wikileaks, the Freedom of Information Act, and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private, non-secure email server, we can see what was really going on behind the curtain."

Interesting stuff


Hillary Clinton speaks at Aipac conference – campaign live

For those interested.


Clinton:“Coal Will Be Part Of The Energy Mix For Years To Come, Both In The U.S. And Around The worl

"The “Down with Tyranny” blog quotes Hillary Clinton’s statement in a recent letter to Democratic U.S. Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, assuring him that as President she won’t be overly aggressive to reduce the coal industry, because coal-mining jobs are at stake; thus: “Coal will be part of the energy mix for years to come, both in the U.S. and around the world.”

That blogger, who styles himself “Gaius Publius,” has excellent sources in the national Democratic Party, and he comments:

Clinton uses job-concern as a reason to seem like we should proceed carefully. But after all, a great many people in the U.S. are out of jobs — many in disappearing industries — and yet I’ll be willing to bet money she either signs TPP or refuses to renegotiate it; then signs TTIP and TISA, and with them, says goodbye to the last jobs worth having, save those near the top."

Is this another flip flop?


Hillary Clinton and the ‘giant vampire squid’: How dangerous is the Wall Street connection?

"That Hillary Clinton accepted $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speeches in 2013 probably did more damage to her battle for the Democratic nomination than any other single issue. Even for Clinton, half of a political couple with an estimated net worth of $110m and 2014 earnings of $28m, that figure was not insignificant. For most Americans, it’s more money than they can imagine seeing in a single year or even a single decade, absent a lottery win.

Worse still, it came from Wall Street. And not just from Wall Street, but from Goldman Sachs, the infamous “ giant vampire squid ”."

So many potential landmines with this candidate.



"Democratic primary, and the crowd at the celebration in Chicago was eagerly awaiting the individual they hoped would be the next president of the United States. But the person who came forward to seize the microphone was not the Clinton everyone was expecting.
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60 MINUTES interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton conducted by Steve Kroft. Broadcast on CBS, January 26, 1992.
Because Hillary has been running for president far longer than you think.
In this special election series, OZY looks at Hillary Clinton — both her past and what she may encounter as she battles for the White House. Later this week, we’ll profile a key player from her inner circle, consider what her record in Haiti tells us and explore the global issues that could disrupt her campaign.

This was a watershed moment for the Clinton campaign. A dominant Super Tuesday showing had vaulted their candidate to a formidable lead in the Democratic primary, and the crowd at the celebration in Chicago was eagerly awaiting the individual they hoped would be the next president of the United States. But the person who came forward to seize the microphone was not the Clinton everyone was expecting.

“We believe passionately in this country, and we cannot stand by for ONE MORE YEAR and watch what is happening to it!” a 44-year-old Hillary Clinton proclaimed in a passionate introduction in which she hardly mentioned her husband, who, as one reporter put it, “danced in the background like a prizefighter trying to stay warm.”

The first time Hillary Clinton ran for president was, in fact, 1992. Long before Claire and Frank Underwood conspired to form a conjugal presidential ticket on House of Cards, Hillary and Bill Clinton were test-driving a real-life co-presidency on the campaign trail, the culmination of a 20-year political partnership. Governor Clinton boasted that by voting for him, you could “buy one, get one free.” And some 24 years before she electrified another Super Tuesday crowd with an appeal to “make America whole again,” Hillary Clinton was starting to divide it as no prospective first lady ever had."

This article brings back a lot of memories. Believe it or not I really respected (in some ways still do) Hillary and always thought she was the backbone of the two Clinton's.


Clinton Campaign Boosted By More Rumors And Dishonest Attacks Against Sanders

"Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has an honesty and trustworthiness problem. Exit polls continue to show voters see her as dishonest. Even voters who vote for her think she is less honest and trustworthy than Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the Democratic primary race.

Part of why she is viewed as dishonest is because her campaign routinely pushes rumors and disingenuous attacks into the establishment media. These rumors and attacks have been pushed by a group of individuals, like Brad Woodhouse, the president of Correct the Record, Zac Petkanas, the director of rapid response for the campaign, Brian Fallon, the press secretary for her campaign, Robby Mook, a campaign spokesperson, and John Podesta, the chairman of her campaign.

The campaign has an account on Twitter called “The Briefing,” which claims to push out the “facts” about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Plus, there is Correct the Record, a super PAC setup by Clinton operative David Brock, which continues to push smears against Sanders (sometimes through “off the record” tips, which they do not want to be traced back to their group).

(*Note: Brock is best known for his “scurrilous hatchet jobs on Anita Hill—whom he famously derided as ‘a bit nutty and a bit slutty’—and Bill Clinton, whose extramarital dalliances (facilitated, Brock claimed, by Arkansas state troopers on the governor’s security detail) were the subject of a 11,000-word exposé rife with seamy details that he never bothered to verify, part of the so-called ‘Arkansas Project’ to delegitimize the Clinton presidency, generously funded by right-wing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife.” How a feminist candidate for president could align herself with a person like this remains unclear.)"

Kevin Gosztola does a good job breaking down the issues


Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Calls for Him to Drop Out—NOT Happening!

"Published on Mar 19, 2016Since Hillary Clinton's victory on March 15, the Democratic establishment, media pundits, and Hillary supporters have called for Bernie Sanders to drop out and rally around Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders responded to these calls by shutting them down. #StillSanders"

Here's a good video for Bernie's supporter's
Fyi, there's a swear word near the end.

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