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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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How Bernie Gets Things Done in Congress Without Being Bought Off

"Unlike Clinton, who courts corporations, Sanders isn't afraid to stray from the pack for his principles

Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the most productive members of Congress. Although his insistence on being an Independent induced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats—and few thought he would last long without bowing to one political party—Mr. Sanders has defied naysayers with a career spanning nearly three decades.

Dubbed the ‘amendment king,’ Mr. Sanders passed more amendments than any other member of Congress during his 16 years in the House of Representatives—despite Republicans holding a majority between 1994 and 2006. He kicked off his political career with an amendment to start a National Program of Cancer registries, which is now maintained by all 50 states. In 2001, he successfully passed an amendment to the general appropriations bill which banned the importation of goods made with child labor, and passed an amendment to increase funding by $100 million for community health centers."

And on the notion of gridlock if Bernie is elected.

"Despite Mr. Sanders’ self-avowed Democratic Socialism—putting him on the far left of most in the Democratic Party—he has earned the respect of his colleagues in Congress. Amid years of partisan politics where each party has obstructed the other from passing meaningful legislation, Mr. Sanders worked across the aisle with his conservative counterparts—with Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve for the first time in 2010 and with John McCain in 2014 to co-write the bill to reform the Veterans Affairs Administration. When his colleagues voted in line with the rest of their party, Mr. Bernie Sanders wasn’t afraid to stray from the pack for his principles. He has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity unmatched in comparison to his opponent in the Democratic primaries. Hillary Clinton, well-known for flip flopping for political expediency, courts corporations and wealthy donors."


Glenn Greenwald: Hillary Clinton Has Embraced Some of the Most Brutal Dictators in the World

For those interested

Direct link to the embedded video

Co Recorder Helen Purcell on why there were delays @ the polls today: The voters for getting in line

When it comes to subtly shading President Obama, Bill Clinton just can’t help himself

"Earlier this week, while speaking at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Washington state, former President Bill Clinton asserted that a vote for his wife, Hillary, would help America put “the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that, where we were practicing trickle-down economics with no regulation in Washington…”

Beg your pardon?

Within hours of its first report, Angel Urena, a spokesperson for the former president, said that Clinton was referring to “Republican members of Congress” who “made it their number one goal to block Mr. Obama at every turn.” By the first day’s end, Clinton supporters on social media were citing Urena’s explanation as if it was the actual quote.

The problem with Urena’s defense is that Bill Clinton is a brilliant former lawyer, policy wonk and orator.

As a trial lawyer, I know that the best orators rarely slip-up rhetorically, rather, each word is carefully measured even when coming off the cuff. As such, I suspect that this was either a Freudian slip or a bold declaration of his true feelings."

And this is what I said from jump.

"The problem with the right wing conspiracy theory is that the words came from Clinton’s mouth—period. Clinton very easily could have said “the awful legacy of eight years of Republican obstruction.” But he did not say that and the very fact that he continued by also chiding “the seven years” under George W. Bush could lead one to conclude that deep down inside, Clinton is still unhappy about the results of the 2008 Democratic Primary where the upstart Barack Obama defeated not only his wife, but his own legacy."


Arizona voters: Here's a website to check the status of your vote

If you are an Arizona voter, especially if you filled out a Provisional Ballot, use this site to check the status.


Bernie Sanders Wins Big In Two States, But Is It Enough?

"Patricia Ramirez

Bernies Sanders scored two big wins on Tuesday night, but will it do more than simply give him a morale boost? It’s tough to say. As CNN reported, Bernie was able to clinch substantial wins in the Utah and Idaho Democratic primaries, coming in well ahead of his rival and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. However, despite winning two of the three primaries of the night, Bernie Sanders couldn’t stop Clinton from coming in first in Arizona, which was the biggest prize of Western Tuesday.

Even though he couldn’t clinch a win in Arizona, the Bernie Sanders wins in Utah and Idaho were substantial, with Bernie winning 78 percent of the Idaho vote (and 17 of the 23 delegates at stake) and 79 percent of the Utah vote and 24 of the state’s 33 delegates (with 82 percent of the votes counted). These big wins in the West play into the Bernie Sanders campaign’s path to the Democratic nomination, which is becoming increasingly improbable as he continues to lag behind Hillary Clinton in the overall delegate count"

Here's a pretty fair assessment of Bernie’s challenges going forward


Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel

Here's the complete interview broken into segments.
Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 3/22/16: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmgy4UkMALzjNS3AOLz2BAWvO9bE7b6ng

How long has Arizona been closed now?

I'm hoping I can jinx some results!

The suspense!

TYT: Election Coverage

For those interested.

Live Presidential Primary And Caucus Results: Arizona, Utah and Idaho Take Their Turn To Vote

For those who are itching for info.

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