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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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Hillary feels the heat if not the Bern: New national poll shows closest race of 2016

"After suffering significant losses to Bernie Sanders over the weekend in the Washington, Alaska and Hawaii Democratic caucuses, Hillary Clinton finds herself in a closer race than she perhaps expected after rolling to a series of wins earlier this month. While Clinton maintains a very large lead in the delegate contest, national support in our most recent NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll shows a race that has dipped to only a 6-point difference between the candidates among registered Democrats and Democratic-leaners. This is the smallest gap since the beginning of the tracking poll in late December.

National support for Clinton now stands at 49 percent, down from 53 percent last week. Sanders support is at 43 percent up slightly from 41 percent last week. These results are according to the latest data from the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll conducted online from March 21 through March 27 among a national sample of 6,521 adults, including 5,741 who say they are registered to vote."

This last statement is very true and I think he will.

"The question going forward for Sanders is whether he can make additional inroads in key demographic groups. This will be especially important as the contest moves to larger states in the April contests."


The Great Debate Why wonít Sanders quit the race? Because heís winning.

The patter of establishment calls for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to end his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has built into a hailstorm.
ďBye, bye, Bernie,Ē the Washington Post editorialized prematurely, echoing numerous talking heads. Politico reports Democratic pols are quietly urging him to pack it in. Even President Barack Obama suggested to deep-pocket donors that itís time to fold in behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (They already have, Mr. President, they already have).
Some of this is sowed by the Clinton campaign. But most is simple foolishness. It would be inconceivable for Sanders to stop now.

After all, he still has a chance to win the nomination. Sanders just swept through the West, winning five of six contests by stunning margins. In addition, he isnít just a candidate ó heís a cause. Sanders seeks to build a movement that can make the political revolution needed to transform the country, not simply win the White House. That means a political movement powerful enough to both get big money out of politics and pass Sandersí agenda. His supporters want and expect him to drive that effort right through the Democratic National Convention and beyond.

Admittedly, the odds against Sanders winning the nomination are long, but they are far better than when the relatively unknown democratic socialist launched his insurgency. Nearly half of all voters have yet to cast a ballot. Sanders continues to introduce himself to more and more of them. Heís already won 15 primaries and caucuses, and lost four more by the barest whisker. And he keeps rising.

For the first time, the most recent Bloomberg poll shows him edging ahead of Clinton among registered Democratic voters. Other national polls consistently show her once forbidding lead continuing to narrow. Sanders draws large and mostly enthusiastic crowds and continues to rouse young people across the country. His supporters are eager to fuel his campaign. He outraised Clinton dramatically in February ó $43 million to $30 million, as his 2 million small donors contributed more than her deep-pocket investors. In fact, more than 70 percent of Clintonís donations have come from large donors, who are maxing out in increasing numbers.

Don't believe the haters Bernie's gonna win!


Extended interview with Susan Sarandon

Tim Black: Mainstream Media Still Gives Bernie Sanders No Respect

Video: Clinton advisor reacts to email developments

Senior advisor for the Hillary Clinton campaign Joel Benenson responds to a Washington Post story regarding the Clinton email controversy.


Anytime. Anywhere


Date: April 2016

Location: TBD


Date: May 2016

Location: TBD

Fyi, TBD doesnít mean "If needed"


Hereís the Bad News and the Good News for Hillary in the Washington Postís Big Email Story

"The Washington Post has published a long story about when and how Hillary Clinton used her private email account during her tenure as Secretary of State, a subject that has been dogging her presidential campaign for more than a year. There's not much breaking news in the piece besides a somewhat vague section on State Department officials not being aware that Clinton used a private server and the revelation that the FBI has 147(!) agents investigating whether Clinton or her staffers were involved in any illegal security breaches. But it's still useful as a comprehensive timeline of just how many times Clinton ignored security and transparency concerns in order to exclusively use her private server.

Here's the bad news for Hillary (all of which, besides the first item, has been previously reported elsewhere):"

This is a pretty good catch up article.


Democrats need to be worried about Hillaryís FBI problem

"A specter is haunting the Hillary Clinton campaign Ė the specter of an FBI investigation. The possibility of an indictment for her use of a private email system as secretary of state has been looming for months now, but the story hasnít engulfed Clintonís inevitability narrative. Thanks to Sandersí commitment to running a positive campaign, Clintonís FBI problem has scarcely been mentioned in Democratic debates.

Itís entirely possible that nothing will come of this. The final result may well be a slap on the wrist and a noisy news cycle for Clinton, but thatís easily endurable. Itís also possible that the story has legs, that a scandal could erupt months from now in a heated general election."


Jared Polis, a Clinton-backing superdelegate, feels the Bern from Boulder eatery

"Boulder Rep. Jared Polis opted for takeout on Easter Sunday, but he got more than just food with his order.

Polis -- a Democratic superdelegate who has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton in her run for president -- tweeted a photo on Sunday of a handwritten note that he says he received with his takeout order from Native Foods Cafe in Boulder.

The note encouraged him to cast his vote for Bernie Sanders, who won the Colorado caucus. It reads, "The constituency has spoken. Use your power wisely. Feel the Bern. With the utmost respect, Native Foods. Happy Easter!"

Along with the photo, Polis tweeted, "Even my food takeout is lobbying me for #FeelTheBern," using the popular Sanders campaign hashtag."

There is no indication that he will switch but this article does highlight the pressure these supers are under.


The Internet turned to a Google doc for caucus results, 'media was nearly silent on his victory

"Amid Hawaii delays, the Internet turned to a Google doc for caucus results, 'the mainstream media was nearly silent on his victory, voters took the electoral process into their own hands.'

Saturday marked the first time Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders swept a full round of caucuses, defeating front-runner Hillary Clinton in all three of the day's presidential contests.

But when the mainstream media was nearly silent on his victory, voters took the electoral process into their own hands.

Overnight, a Google document built by a handful of strangers became the go-to source for the caucus results. Its creators were the first to project Sanders' victory, as the mainstream media waited on stalling, overwhelmed caucus organizers.

As organizers in Hawaii scrambled to gather results, Alec Salisbury compiled his own set of stats from his computer in his Ithaca College dorm. With a group of three to 10 strangers, the 20-year-old college student broke the story of Sanders' landslide victory"

That Google doc was a lifesaver last night!

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