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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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To the Hillary supporters that can see this. Should Clinton pick a minority as her VP?

This is a real question with no snark intended.

For the record I'd be very disappointed if Bernie doesn't choose a female for his VP slot.

Hard Proof That Hillary Clinton Has Been Losing to Bernie Sanders for a Month Now

"The Democratic primary race changed fundamentally — indeed, radically — after March 1st, and the national media’s failure to register this and work it into their polling, projections, and punditry is one of the most wide-ranging, public, and ultimately influential journalistic failures of the last decade. In short, it’s the reason supporters of Bernie Sanders have been tearing their hair out reading national media coverage that reports, and glibly, that the Democratic primary race is effectively over.

So let’s expose that radical sea-change with some hard-data analysis, and thereby, for the first time, circumscribe the effects of the media’s failure to catch it."


Why a no-indictment for Hillary Clinton would still be a problem for America

"This may sound strange coming from someone who doesn’t expect Hillary Clinton to be indicted and doesn’t think she should be, but I’ve been worrying about what will happen if she isn’t.

There is a school of people — a big school, judging from my email — for whom there are only two possibilities:"


The States Sanders Has Won Predict the Nominee More Often Than the States Clinton Has Won

"Hillary Clinton has so far won more states (18 versus 14) and amassed more pledged delegates (1,243 versus 975, per our delegate tracker) than Bernie Sanders, yet history favors the Vermont senator's grassroots campaign. The states he's won so far have correctly predicted the eventual Democratic nominee 65 percent of the time on average since 1968, according to a study of Federal Election Commission data by American University’s online analytics master’s program. That compares to 61 percent on average for states in Clinton's column."


Watch: Young Turks Pick Apart Clinton Camp’s Bogus Attack on Sanders to Avoid Debate in New York

"With just weeks away from the April 19 primary in New York, Bernie Sanders has requested a debate with Hillary Clinton in New York. Both Democratic candidates have a history in NYC—Bernie Sanders was raised in Brooklyn and Hillary Clinton Clinton served as a U.S. senator in New York from 2001 to 2009. However, according to a Clinton spokesperson, it wasn’t so much Bernie’s big wins on Western Saturday that ruffled the Clinton campaign’s feathers, but Sanders’... tone.

“What was notable this weekend was that [the Sanders campaign] is testing more negative ads against Hillary Clinton,” Joel Beneson, the Hillary for America chief strategist, told CNN.

But it’s not just about polls, or the primary. “They’re trying to pull the wool over people on the left who are the most fact-based,” Jimmy Dore, host of The Young Turks, explained. “And the people who are supporting Bernie Sanders are the most interested in the issues—they’re the most educated voters.”


Takai Says He’s Sticking With Clinton — For Now

"Hawaii has nine superdelegates, which include state Democratic Party leaders, Gov. David Ige and the four-member congressional delegation. Ige has not made his presidential preference clear yet. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard supports Sanders, and U.S. Sens. Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono are backing Clinton.

Takai decided earlier this year that he would be supporting Clinton, and said Monday that he continues to feel she’s the best candidate for president.

***But he left the door open.***

“The national convention is not until the end of July. Never say never,” Takai told Civil Beat’s editorial board during an hourlong interview.

“The national convention is not until the end of July. Never say never.” — Congressman Mark Takai
When asked what statement Sanders’ lopsided win had on the Democratic establishment in Hawaii who largely supported Clinton, Takai said there was a lot of excitement at the precincts Saturday but that the number of people who participated in the presidential preference poll only amounts to about 3 percent of the voting public. There were 33,716 ballots cast."


It looks like cracks are forming! If your state went for Bernie. Call the elected superdelegates and let them know how you feel.

The Humanist Report: Bernie Sanders' Lawsuit Against the DNC is Still Alive

Sanders campaign: Is Clinton ‘afraid’ of NY debate?

"This is not us demanding more debates, this is us asking to do what the Clinton people have already agreed to do,” Sanders’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver told MSNBC, according to the Washington Examiner.
“It would be very, very dishonest for them not to do the debates they have promised to do,” he added. “They promised to do one in March, we said let’s do it in Michigan, that’s where it happened. Another one coming up in April, and there’s another on coming up in May.”

Clinton’s campaign warned Monday that Sanders needed to change his “tone” for the former secretary of State to attend. "


IMHO, Hillary will announce that there will be a debate in NY and it was all her idea from the beginning.

Bernie calls out Hillary on Twitter: Anytime, Anywhere.


Hillary demonstrates her weakness by not committing to NY debate with Sanders

"Hillary Clinton refuses to commit to a debate against Bernie Sanders in New York according to what a top Hillary advisor told CNN’s Kate Bolduan. Hillary is allegedly concerned with the tone Sanders is using in his campaign ads.

“This is a man who said he’d never run a negative ad ever. He’s now running them. They’re planning to run more,” Joel Benenson, Clinton’s top aide, said. “Let’s see the tone of the campaign he wants to run before we get to any other questions,” Benenson continued when asked if Hillary would agree to a debate in New York.

Benenson failed to specify what was mentioned in the Sanders ads that could be considered an attack, or why a veteran politician like Hillary wouldn’t have the ability to defend herself during a debate against her Democratic opponent. One would think a debate would be the perfect platform to repudiate claims made in a 30-second spot. Honest politicians, should love the opportunity to defend themselves in a public forum, right?

The truth is, Benenson has been whining about Bernie’s “negative” ads since January. Are the ads low-brow and Trump-esque in mocking the way Hillary looks?


Is Sanders putting out deceptive ads that lie to voters about Hillary’s voting record?

Not even close."

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