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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 8,541

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Sanders, Clinton, and the Neoconning of the Democratic Party

"Has the Democratic party moved so far to the neoconnish right that red-baiting is now back in fashion in those circles? One would certainly think so if the latest Clinton-Sanders debate is any indication.

I’ve covered the Republican presidential debates in this space while mostly neglecting the Democratic debates for the simple reason that foreign policy is apparently not something Bernie Sanders wants to emphasize. And, for some reason, the debate moderators have proved supremely uninterested in asking questions about the one issue a US President has virtually total power over. This time, however, it did come up, and what happened on that stage in Florida underscores the limited but very real differences between the Clintonian and Sanderista wings of the party. It also illustrates the weaknesses of Clinton’s position, if, as expected, she wins the nomination and goes into the general – weaknesses that will only be manifested if she’s up against Donald Trump instead of some routinely interventionist Republican."

This part shouldn't go unnoticed!

"Indeed, an entire wing of the neoconservative movement is now openly declaring that they’ll support Clinton if Trump gets the Republican nomination. "


Ronald and Nancy Reagan Ignored the AIDS Crisis and You Know It, Hillary Clinton

"The very first appearance of AIDS in the media happened in 1981 in the New York Times in an article called "Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals." In a now-infamous press conference in October 1982, Reagan's deputy press secretary Larry Speakes laughed when he received the first public question about the AIDS epidemic — and what followed was what many people might call the "plague years" of the AIDS epidemic. In 1985, Reagan asked about "AIDS" to reporters in a press conference about AIDS research.

"What's AIDS?" Speakes asked when the journalist, Lester Kinsolving, asked about government response to the epidemic.

"It's known as the 'gay plague,'" Kinsolving replied.

The room laughs and cracks jokes about whether anyone in the room has it. "

This is shameful revisionism.


How Clinton used my reporting to make a bogus attack on Sanders

"After being ignored by presidential debate moderators throughout the entire campaign thus far, climate change finally got some attention at Wednesday night’s Democratic debate. And the topic provoked a surprisingly controversial remark — one accidentally inspired by yours truly.

Hillary Clinton’s response to a climate question included this claim: “The Clean Power Plan is something that Sen. Sanders has said he would delay implementing.”

On its face, that looks to be just plain wrong. Digging deeper, it turns out to be a misleading interpretation of a very different Sanders proposal — one first reported by me."


Bernie Beating Hillary in Blue & Purple States with Delegates & Votes

"An analysis of Hillary Clinton's vote totals and delegate counts to date do not bode well for her in November if she is the Democratic Party nominee. And she knows it.

That's why Bernie Sanders' surprising (to them) win in Michigan has the Clinton camp worried. It points to a trend that the Clinton camp does not want anyone to notice.

At this point in time (March 11), Bernie Sanders has won eight states outright to Hillary Clinton's nine. They have basically tied in four others:

Iowa caucus, Clinton by roughly 355 votes.

Nevada caucus, Clinton by roughly 8,000 votes.

Massachusetts, Clinton by 17,064 votes out of 1.2 million cast, 1.4% difference.

Michigan, Sanders by 19,437 out of 1.2 million cast, 1.64% difference.

(Hillary also won American Samoa, where she got 162 out of the 237 total votes tabulated.)

Hillary Clinton has seen her largest delegate gains to date in the Deep South (South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas). She touts her support from the Black community in those states as a sign of her "electability."

The problem is that Hillary Clinton knows that her path to the White House does not include winning any of those Deep South states in November. These eight states, all of them, will go Red (Republican) in November, regardless of which Democrat and which Republican are on the ballot.

While the Democrats in those states may support her, the demographics show the Republican vote will overwhelm any candidate the Democrats put forward. Check the record: All those enthusiastic black voters in those eight states could not pull out a single win for Barack Obama in either of his races in 2008 or 2012."

Some people stay in denial over Hillary's electability.


Hillary Clinton and the Ex-Im Bank Financing of the World’s Largest Coal Plants in South Africa

"In 2009, the South African government announced a major energy plan to construct two new coal-fired power stations. The project, which aimed at building the world’s largest coal plants, came under intense criticism by various governments and climate activists, who saw it as a disastrous blow to the fight against climate change.

Yet newly released emails from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State, reveal that she acted in support of a World Bank loan for the construction of one of the plants.

Furthermore, a DeSmog investigation finds that the other plant, which received funding from a US government agency led by a close Clinton ally and fundraiser, is being built by an American construction firm tied to another associate of the former Secretary.

These actions seem contrary to Clinton’s tough campaign talk on curbing CO2 emissions and investing in renewable energy. They also raise new questions about Clinton’s ties to the revolving door lobbying culture that connects major corporations to top officials in Washington, DC."

More of the same from Hillary and her donor's


Hillary: The best PR can’t sell a terrible product

"If Democratic officials get their way — at this writing, that seems more likely than not — Hillary Clinton will win her party’s nomination partly due to the same reason as Donald Trump seems poised to win his: massive ignorance on the part of the voters.

The result will be a huge disaster.

At a Democratic debate on Feb. 4, Clinton was asked about the three speeches for which Goldman Sachs infamously paid her $675,000 as recently as 2013. (Would she release the text of those talks, so the public could judge whether she had promised special favors to the corrupt Wall Street firm? “I’ll look into it,” she promised.)"


Clinton laughs awkwardly when Bernie Sanders gets far more cheers for his closing debate statement


Washington Post :Four reasons Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic debate

"By throwing the kitchen sink at Bernie, Hillary sounded nervous and even somewhat desperate – certainly more so than she needs to be."

It was a really bad debate for Hillary



"But critics aren’t buying the about face Hillary Clinton seems to have done on fracking. Bruce Bullock, director of the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University, said her stance against fracking is seen as empty rhetoric.
“Secretary Clinton’s answer is essentially campaign hyperbole, and meant to appease her environmental constituency,” he told the Dallas Morning News (via Fortune). “In reality, it has little substance to it.” "

And the best part.

"Clinton is also having a difficult time backing up her tough stance on fracking. This week, just days after taking what seemed to be a hard-line stance against fracking, she attended a $575-a-plate fundraising lunch from an investment firm that invests heavily in fracking."


YouTube: Black Men For Bernie Educates Black Detroit Voters

This is a great video!
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