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Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 03:01 PM
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Is Arizona still Hillary Clinton country?

"In 2008, then-U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton won Arizona's presidential preference election, or primary, handily defeating Democratic rival and future President Barack Obama. She captured 13 of Arizona's 15 counties — Obama won only Coconino and Yavapai — and did particularly well among Latino voters.
Twelve years earlier, her husband, President Bill Clinton, became the only Democrat to carry red-state Arizona since President Harry Truman in 1948


In February, the Sanders campaign signaled it intended to compete in Arizona.
It unveiled its "coalition of Arizona leaders," including many Latino elected officials, opened a campaign headquarters, and hired an Arizona state coordinator and other staff members. Sanders won the endorsement of Living United for Change in Arizona, or LUCHA, a Latino-oriented group whose aim is to organize the state's lower-income and minority families in the pursuit of "social and economic justice."
Sanders' Arizona supporters say the state has changed since 2008, with Latino voters having lived through the controversy of Senate Bill 1070, the state's 2010 immigration law, and the disappointment in Obama and Congress' failure to enact immigration reform. Sanders' messages on the economy and income inequality also resonate in the Latino community, they say."

This is is a fair and balanced article highlighting the challenges facing Bernie Sanders.

For the record I'd be happy if Bernie does better than Obama in 2008.


Bernie Sanders questions Clinton's praise for Nancy Reagan's Aids record

"Bernie Sanders on Sunday criticised Hillary Clinton’s brief praise for Nancy Reagan, whom the Democratic presidential frontrunner said “started a national conversation” on HIV/Aids.

“I just don’t know what she was talking about,” Sanders, the independent Vermont senator who is running for the Democratic nomination, said in an interview with CNN."
“In fact that was a very tragic moment in modern American history, there were many many people who were dying of Aids, and in fact there was demand all over the country for President Reagan to start talking about this tragedy, and yet he refused to talk about it.

“I’m glad [Clinton] apologized, but the truth it was not President Reagan and Nancy Reagan who were leaders … quite the contrary … they didn’t get involved in it.”

This gaffe isn't going away any time soon.


Bernie Sanders Polls: After Trailing Hillary Clinton By 30 Points In Illinois, Sanders Now Leads

"Bernie Sanders is nearing Hillary Clinton in Illinois, with the Vermont Senator aiming to pull off another upset win like last week’s surprising victory in Michigan.
The Sanders campaign was close to wrapped up had he last last week in Michigan, a state where polls showed Clinton ahead by a roughly 20-point margin. But instead Sanders pulled off the upset victory, propelling his campaign forward to critical upcoming votes in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois."
Oh snap! It's getting interesting!

"A CBS News poll found that Bernie Sanders now leads 48 percent to 46 percent."

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2884101/bernie-sanders-polls-after-trailing-hillary-clinton-by-30-points-in-illinois-sanders-now-leads-just-two-days-before-voting/#KYX0eKZ1lUzV3OsL.99

Supporters leave county democratic convention in frustration

Supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton became agitated Saturday at the Polk County Democratic Convention.

Polk County democratic leaders said the process began smoothly until Clinton supporters challenged the first count, asking for a credential check for all the delegates after falling behind by more than a dozen votes compared to caucus night.

Polk County Democratic Chair Tom Henderson granted the credential check, but the process isn’t a simple one – and takes time.

The delays led to Sanders supporters becoming frustrated, with some at the convention leaving before the final count was tallied.

Henderson said conventions in a presidential election year usually takes a lot of time.

He recalled 20 years ago how the convention lasted until 2 o’clock in the morning.

Final numbers have not yet been announced.


Esquire: Hillary Questioned Bernie's Record on Health Care and The Internet Made an Epic Correction

"As Clinton has discovered recently, the Internet age means instant fact checking. Whether she is talking about Bernie's record or Nancy Reagan's efforts (or lack thereof) to help those with HIV, the Internet fact checkers have their fingers poised over the keyboard ready to correct any claim.

And this time, Bernie Sanders' rapid response director Mike Casca struck gold. Because where was Bernie? He was standing right behind her in December 1993 when she gave a speech about health care reform at Dartmouth College"



Say, Who Was That Mysterious Man Behind Hillary Clinton?

The link doesn't allow me to copy text but it's worth a read


ST. LOUIS — An energized Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders on Saturday. But at least one shot backfired.

Mrs. Clinton accused Mr. Sanders of distorting her record and said the Vermont senator, who has made a single-payer health care system a signature part of his campaign, had not always been such an advocate on the issue.

She said she has “a little chuckle to myself” when she thinks about the current debates over health care. “I don’t know,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?”

The answer: “Literally, standing right behind her,” a Sanders spokesman, Mike Casca, said on Twitter, posting a photo from a 1994 news conference that shows Mr. Sanders next to Mrs. Clinton when the then first lady spoke about the White House’s proposed health care overhaul.


Which Side Are You On, Hillary?

“We’ve got to stand up for unions,” Hillary Clinton declared in her closing statement during the Democratic debate in Milwaukee last month. The line offered the labor-friendly audience a comforting rebuke to Gov. Scott Walker’s relentless attacks on Wisconsin’s unions. It generated passionate applause.

But Mrs. Clinton’s show of support contrasted with her long indifference to the concerns of organized labor. The results of Michigan’s primary last week highlighted this problem; exit polls showed that Mrs. Clinton narrowly lost union households to Senator Bernie Sanders. Over all, nearly 60 percent of Democratic voters thought free-trade agreements, which Mrs. Clinton has generally supported, caused job losses. Mr. Sanders won a majority of those voters, too, which raises the possibility of further upsets on Tuesday in primaries in Illinois and Ohio, where opposition to free-trade pacts is strong."

I'm so hoping for another upset!


Hillary’s emails reveal lucrative ties to for-profit colleges

"Student loan debt continues to be one of the largest economic issues plaguing the U.S., with the total amount topping $1.3 trillion. Hillary Clinton’s higher education policy touts debt-free degrees for underprivileged students. But is she being genuine in her efforts to address the issue?

While Hillary loves to rail against shady for-profit colleges on the campaign trail, she does have some financial ties to them that are likely to shape whether or not she holds them accountable for ripping students off.

It was recently revealed through Hillary’s emails that during her first year as Secretary of State she insisted that Laureate Education be included in the guest list for an education policy dinner hosted at the U.S. Department of State.

“It’s a for-profit model that should be represented,” she wrote in the August 2009 email, and as a result, a senior vice president at Laureate was added to the guest list. Several months later, former President Bill Clinton became an honorary chancellor of Laureate International Universities, which turned out to be incredibly lucrative. He was paid a cool $16.5 million between 2010 and 2014 for his role with the for-profit college"

$16.5 million over 4 years? Yeah there's nothing to see here lol!

It's always about the dollaz with with the Clinton's.


The shameful Bernie race smear: Hillary supporters have played a dirty, dangerous game

"One key aspect that has been bubbling for a while now, spun off from the BernieBro label and not discussed like it needs to be, is the opponents or most acerbic critics of Sanders, intentionally or unintentionally, implying that his supporters have no noticeable racial diversity or that his campaign doesn’t appeal to minority voters.

What’s so troubling about this enduring narrative is the disturbing insistence on completely ignoring or aggressively dismissing any of Bernie’s minority supporters who aren’t famous. It’s a focused and determined echo on painting Sanders as truly representing only young or old white liberals, and that Sanders and his backers are unable to acknowledge or express white systemic privilege. And in either their strong support for Clinton or their unwillingness to fully analyze Sanders fairly or comprehensively on race, one of this election’s deleterious aspects on the left can no longer be dismissed.

The toxicity of the “Bernie is white and for whites only” drive has become even more glaring over the last month, with cleverly crafted smears at Sanders hitting exactly the sustained narrative they wanted to hit and fueled by Clinton’s legacy domination of the black vote."

Hillary and her surrogates sure know how to divide people.


Dan Savage: Clinton crediting Nancy Reagan for helping AIDS victims is a ‘f*cking lie’

"Columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage ripped Hillary Clinton on Friday for saying that former First Lady Nancy Reagan helped start “a national conversation” about the HIV virus.

“This is a f*cking lie,” Savage wrote in The Stranger. “You could only say the Reagans started “a national conversation” about AIDS if terrified, desperate, and dying people screaming “WHY AREN’T YOU SAYING OR DOING ANYTHING ABOUT AIDS!” at the Reagans counts. It does not.”"

This gaffe might turn out to be huge!
I personally think that Hillary was just trying to say nice things before her funeral. Also to pander for crossover votes.
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