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Member since: Mon Feb 15, 2016, 04:26 PM
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Town hall, Clinton: Buzz off Sanders supporters, I'm the winner here and you'll listen to me!

Town hall, Clinton: problem is it's not clear that racism is wrong!

Some interesting results for projected "Hillary' counties outside of NYC area

Red notes with arrows point to counties that were projected to be "heavy" Clinton counties.

Yellow numbers in counties are how much Bernie won by in 'leaning Hillary' counties.

Bernie won all the "heavy" and "leaning" Bernie counties, except Onondaga (Syracuse) a 'leaning Bernie' county, which he lost by 6 point. Bernie won all his other 'heavy and leaning Sanders' counties, usually by very large majorities.

The only "heavy" Clinton counties Hillary won were Erie (Buffalo) by 0.8 points, and Monroe (Rochester) by 3.6 points

Hillary lost all her "leaning Clinton" counties, usually by lots

So, now when we move down to the more NYC centered counties, the counties where there was lots of BoE "mistakes' made, all of a sudden Hillary kills it in landslides? Possibly I suppose, but it sure as hell is pretty suspicious.

Just 6 percent of people say they trust the media.

is there any wonder?


Yes I know Clinton supporters --- that's one fucking big & powerful 'conspiracy' theory.

Elites are on notice from IRS: Panama Papers

IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers


The IRS also encouraged any U.S. citizens and companies that may have money in offshore accounts to contact the agency now before any possible illegal activity on their part is identified. According to media reports, the documents contain information on potentially thousands of U.S. citizens and firms that have at least an indirect connection to offshore accounts affiliated with Mossack Fonseca. Many other firms provide similar services, and the Treasury Department estimated last year that more than $300 billion dollars of illicit proceeds are generated in the United States annually, with criminals using such companies here and abroad to launder funds.

MSNBC: Joy Reid is spinning the throwing money at Clinton

Motorcade was sexist??? She claims it was like throwing dollar bills at a stripper.

Jesus Christ, they're not even trying to hide their over the tip bias.

Not to disparage strippers, but if anyone is having money thrown at them for selling their "product", it's Reid.

Release of Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President


The problem with the quotes above is not merely their content — which suggests a presidential candidate not only “gushingly” fond of Wall Street speculators but unwilling to admonish them even to the smallest degree — but also that they reveal Clinton to have been dishonest about that content with American voters.

Last night in Brooklyn Mrs. Clinton said, “I did stand up to the banks. I did make it clear that their behavior would not be excused.”

Yet not a single attendee at any of Mrs. Clinton’s quarter-of-a-million-dollar speeches can recall her doing anything of the sort.

Release of the transcripts would therefore, it appears, have three immediate — and possibly fatal — consequences for Clinton’s presidential campaign:

It would reveal that Clinton lied about the content of the speeches at a time when she suspected she would never have to release them, nor that their content would ever be known to voters.

It would reveal that the massive campaign and super-PAC contributions Clinton has received from Wall Street did indeed, as Sanders has alleged, influence her ability to get tough on Wall Street malfeasance either in Congress or behind closed doors.

t would reveal that Clinton’s policy positions on — for instance — breaking up “too-big-to-fail” banks are almost certainly insincere, as they have been trotted out merely for the purposes of a presidential campaign.

The details of the quotes mentioned above are in the article, but basically eye witness accounts of what was talked about (and what was noticeably NOT talked about) in those speeches.

Washington post Pinocchios?

Sanders: Canada, it's not some communist authoritarian country.

Pants on fire, they have free health care, and gun laws.

FiveThirtyEight seems a "liitle bit" neutral


I guess we don't need to guess why his results always seem to underestimate Bernie all the time.

Sam Seder live: will be explaining Bernie Interview

and how NYDN took good policy and did a hatchet job.

On Live now: 12pm EST Wed Apr 6

Hillary supporters are recommended to stick fingers in their ears and yell "la-la-la-la"
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