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Profile Information

Name: Nanci
Gender: Female
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Home country: California
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 2,080

About Me

I joined DU almost from the very beginning back in 2000 during that horribly dark time when the SCOTUS selected the president. If it hadn't been for DU, I don't know I would have done. This site saved my sanity. Due to changing emails and devices, this is my third user name. I was "Lindsey" for many years, then I was "nirvana555." I don't start a lot of posts but I do comment on topics that interest me. I completely stay clear of the arrogant, inappropriately opinionated people who are looking for a fight. I spend most of my time in the lounge.

Journal Archives

Who's going to see Fahrenheit 11/9?.....

I'm planning on seeing it with friends but I DON'T want to hear bashing of the Dems (which Michael Moore does sometimes). Has anyone seen it yet or heard anything?

This is Joey's last day.....

My best friend has two furry kitties- Joey and Tommy. She started out fostering Joey (until he was adopted) in 2011. Well, needless to say, he became part of the family. For an entire year, he was so terrified of life that he stayed in her bedroom except to quickly come out to the kitchen to eat. Then, as time passed, he became more and more comfortable. He's ended up being the most loving little guy you could ever hope for. I've always called Joey and Tommy my nephews.

I spend more time over there at their place than any where else other than my home and work. I've house sat whenever she's gone out of town. We spend holidays there (with others that are extended family). I normally go over there every Sunday for an online self-actualization class we've been taking, and I feel part of the family too.

His health has always been dicey. He has upper respiratory issues and now there's kidney failure. She of course, is a wreck. He's only eight years old... I'm thankful I believe in an afterlife.....Please keep my friend Nancy, Joey, and his brother Tommy in your thoughts. I'm on my way to pick her up b/c I want to be with her when it happens. I'm afraid once it hits me I'll feel like I've been punched.

I'm watching Active Measures (documentary about Putin, The

Russians, and dt) now. I just started it...

Some friends just today turned me on to a group called Pink Martini- Wow!


I saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians and LOVED it!

It's gotten a lot of hype so I kind of thought I'd be disappointed. I wasn't! A big thumbs up from me.....

Wow...Beto O'Rourke..This young man has something.....(running against Ted Cruz in TX)...


Jane Fonda will be live in studio with Stephanie Miller today..

I'm not sure what exact time....

Stranger Things...

I saw the first season when it came out and wasn't available to watch the second season when it came out several months ago. So, I just started watching the first season again. It's pretty. pretty. good....

I'm going to try to hit 2000 posts today.....

....just a little background....I've been with DU since the VERY beginning---around the 2000 sElection. I started off as Lindsey - then something happened to my computer and I had to re-register and I became Nirvana555- and then something happened to my computer again and I became who I am now....ergo my low post count...I was never a REAL big op'er but I've always been active and have checked out DU mostly every day. I started a new job five weeks ago and really like it but there's pressure. So I think I'm going to lay here on my bed with my fan blowing on me while I binge watch and get caught up (right now I'm watching "Better Call Saul.". That's all!

Hi Aritus.....

I just sent you have private email. Thanks for any help you can provide....
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