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Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
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Advice On Actions Against A Republican Ex-Love Interest

A guy I talked with online for two months kept it from me he was Republican. I met him on a site that is pretty liberal, so it just never came up. Fast forward to me trying to have a discussion with him, when he said he does not belong on the left or right. I actually said I was trying to have a discussion and was telling him, since you do not get intonation in an electronic note. Things escalated and ended. They ended on a rather bad note - him stating not to write him a nasty reply, and me stating I wished him the best and I hope he finds happiness.

I place an ad on the liberal site, looking for another possible love interest. The guy has a friend go on my ad and start talking about how hypocritical I am, wanting everyone to feel the same way I do. That never happened. I wanted to discuss why they guy felt the way he did. The guy kept posting. I reported him to the site, but knew nothing would probably happen. I feel harassed and stalked.

I wrote to the friend, publicly (only way I can, since I have him blocked privately). I gave the number of the guy's address (not the full address- I have never been there, so I felt this could spook him). I said as a woman, I feel vulnerable. I feel stalked and harassed. I said to please reach out to his friend and make sure he wants it all to continue, since now they are on notice of how I take the posting on my ad. I said the next step is to place a complaint with the cops, whether the friend or another friend tries this.

I know who his ex is and could easily reach out to her. I am sure she could possibly renegotiate the custody terms if some of his actions (not just this, but some other things, as well) were known. I am searching for all legal remedies I can get, because I am not sure the cops will take a complaint seriously.

Do I have any legal remedies with something like this?

Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Sep 22, 2020, 06:58 AM (4 replies)
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