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Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
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I Do Not Understand Why They Do Not Have To Vote On The Tax Bill Again....

Last night Rachel said dotard will not sign the bill until the new year because they have to fix several things due to the bill being rushed through and not done correctly. If they have to fix things, in the bill, doesn't that make it a new bill, not what they voted on, and shouldn't they have to vote on it all over again? I mean, while they are 'fixing' it, they could end up putting more things in, right? They could slip anything they want into the bill. In my opinion, if you need to fix it because Medicare would go away immediately and our paychecks would instantly have bad consequences the next time we get paid, then what else is in there? Those are pretty bad things. They need a redo and vote on it again.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Thu Dec 21, 2017, 07:09 AM (6 replies)

I Want To Run And I Need You To Run As Well

These jerks are going to ram through this tax “reform”, we need to make them feel the consequences.

I want you all to call your representatives and give them hell. But what if they go through with this disastrous bill? We need to have plan B. Something that will put pressure on them now and know that because they are doing this, they are starting a movement where this will be hung around their neck and we will try to beat them in every office.

We proved, in the last election, that we can take seats they never thought we could. We showed them America is better than their hate and that we are all one whether we are female, trans, or Muslim.

If they are going to do this, we need to oppose them in the next election. We need to run in places where they have never been opposed. They have to feel the heat. They have to come to the conclusion their free ride is over. We need to run in places where they have been opposed before but they have still won. We need to run in places where we have won but now our Democrat is retiring or being out.

We need to announce that we are running to the world. They need to know they have spurred this on and that more will join in to say not in our country.

We need to run because in the event that this bill is passed, we need to win a majority and start healing this country from all the damage they are doing.

The beautiful part of this is even if the average citizen, from the other side, decides to fight back by running, they will be running to replace their guys so Republicans will feel it doubly so.

Are you older and retired? Great! You have time to run! Are you young and a student? That is wonderful, we need your energy in office! Are you office aged with a family? This effects you and your house, make them proud by running.

We need to start this movement and we need media to get involved so the Republicans will hear about this stirring up they are causing.

This is our country and we have a responsibility. Who will run with me and take back this land so someone represents “we, the people” and not the corporations who are fake people, my friend. We need people all in to make this work!
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 11:53 AM (1 replies)
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