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Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
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Have You Guys Seen This Trump Video?

Not sure how to post an actual video. It really kind of horrified me when he laid into that other guy. I know wrestling is all pretend but look at the smile on Donald's face. I truly think a bully is who he is and always has been.

From the article accompanying the video:

A majority of Americans are familiar with the Hollywood antics or the at times completely ridiculous nature of Donald Trump, but recently an international viewer saw something for the first time and asked us to share it with the world. The following video is meant for entertainment purposes more than anything else, some light hearted humor if you will but it does speak to the absurdity of electing a character like Mr. Trump.


Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Wed Aug 17, 2016, 06:39 AM (0 replies)

I Agree With Trump On The Economy.....

If the GOP wants to push how bad the economy is then I say let's go all in with it. I believe it is even worse than they are saying. (sarcasm folks, but bear with me) Now let's see who is in charge and who should be outed due to giving us such a bad economy.....Oh, yeah, it is the Republicans in the house and the senate! I believe each and every red state should have ads run with Donnie saying how bad the economy is and then pointing towards the Republican in that state who is in charge and did not make the economy better.

Give them what they want with their boohooing about how bad it is. Show them their leaders who sent the jobs overseas, who gave us this deficit, who did everything in their power to bring down this country. Lay the blame exactly where it lies.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Aug 9, 2016, 06:36 AM (5 replies)

What Will They Do When Trump Bans Abortion?

If Trump wins he has said how he will stack the court. He is going to put an end to Roe v. Wade as we have known it. The GOP has dangled this carrot in front of its constituency for years. They have done everything BUT ban it since that would mean an end to a wedge issue that has kept people in line, and voting for them for years. If Donald wins, and we survive his presidency, this will turn it around on them for years to come. I contend there will be a huge backlash and people will vote Democrat. We can only do so much on our end because Trump will most likely appoint more than one justice and no one will be stepping down for a while after that. The odds will be in their favor for quite some time to come.

Trump has already caused a division with the GOP and has proven they cannot control him in any way. He will do this and put an end to one of the biggest issues for them in our generation. Once their biggest wedge issue has gone bye-bye, and all of us are suffering for it, what will they do to convince their people it is important to come out and vote? By that time their party will be in tatters, divided by the folks who are sane and those who are not. (or maybe those who have manners and those who would rather flaunt their bigotry publicly)

I don't want them to win and I believe we are poised to win big with each and ever time Trump opens his mouth but have they truly thought about what they have unleashed for their party? If they do win, this could be their last one for a long time to come because Trump does not understand how politics works and nor will he listen.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Thu Aug 4, 2016, 07:23 AM (6 replies)
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