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Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
Number of posts: 407

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Why He Should Not Get The Wall

There should be no wall because of the cost. Sure it is a pittance compared to the budget but they will use it against us. When they get that debt up, they will turn around and say they have to balance the budget and they will go for the security nets! They want a huge deficit so they can go after those 'entitlements'. We cannot help them try to get rid of the things our country treasures the most.

There are many reasons we should not give in about the wall but protection for our most vulnerable is the most important. Do not give them a reason to go after everything that enables people to have some sort of a life.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Jan 23, 2018, 10:15 PM (4 replies)

Could The Government Be Sued For The Muslim Ban?

I was just reading the writing from the Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fire-and-fury-donald-trump-book-steve-bannon-muslim-ban-anger-us-president-white-house-a8143541.html) about the way the Muslim ban came about. The Independent reports:

"But the new book suggests that it was specifically decided it would be signed on a Friday so that it would cause the most possible disruption at airports. The order was hastily signed in such a way that it even affected people who were flying into the country – who were then detained as they arrived, with little clarity on what would happen to them, on one of the most popular days for travelling."

This makes it sound like they purposely wanted people detained at airports and unable to enter the country. If it did happen, in this way, could the people who were detained for days not sue the government for their malicious actions against them?

I thought the whole thing was sloppily done due to no one having a clue as to what they were doing but it would seem, according to Bannon, they knew exactly what they were doing. What horrible people.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Fri Jan 5, 2018, 08:16 AM (1 replies)

I Do Not Understand Why They Do Not Have To Vote On The Tax Bill Again....

Last night Rachel said dotard will not sign the bill until the new year because they have to fix several things due to the bill being rushed through and not done correctly. If they have to fix things, in the bill, doesn't that make it a new bill, not what they voted on, and shouldn't they have to vote on it all over again? I mean, while they are 'fixing' it, they could end up putting more things in, right? They could slip anything they want into the bill. In my opinion, if you need to fix it because Medicare would go away immediately and our paychecks would instantly have bad consequences the next time we get paid, then what else is in there? Those are pretty bad things. They need a redo and vote on it again.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Thu Dec 21, 2017, 07:09 AM (6 replies)

I Want To Run And I Need You To Run As Well

These jerks are going to ram through this tax “reform”, we need to make them feel the consequences.

I want you all to call your representatives and give them hell. But what if they go through with this disastrous bill? We need to have plan B. Something that will put pressure on them now and know that because they are doing this, they are starting a movement where this will be hung around their neck and we will try to beat them in every office.

We proved, in the last election, that we can take seats they never thought we could. We showed them America is better than their hate and that we are all one whether we are female, trans, or Muslim.

If they are going to do this, we need to oppose them in the next election. We need to run in places where they have never been opposed. They have to feel the heat. They have to come to the conclusion their free ride is over. We need to run in places where they have been opposed before but they have still won. We need to run in places where we have won but now our Democrat is retiring or being out.

We need to announce that we are running to the world. They need to know they have spurred this on and that more will join in to say not in our country.

We need to run because in the event that this bill is passed, we need to win a majority and start healing this country from all the damage they are doing.

The beautiful part of this is even if the average citizen, from the other side, decides to fight back by running, they will be running to replace their guys so Republicans will feel it doubly so.

Are you older and retired? Great! You have time to run! Are you young and a student? That is wonderful, we need your energy in office! Are you office aged with a family? This effects you and your house, make them proud by running.

We need to start this movement and we need media to get involved so the Republicans will hear about this stirring up they are causing.

This is our country and we have a responsibility. Who will run with me and take back this land so someone represents “we, the people” and not the corporations who are fake people, my friend. We need people all in to make this work!
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 11:53 AM (1 replies)

Consent Is Important To Me

I never want to violate someone's consent and I am a woman. I am aware of the issues that come along with consent violation. As Demgurl (I am unable to get into my old account), I wrote about one of my rapes. I try not to walk the line. Instead, I try to always stay on the legal side of it.

I told my 15 year old son he always needs to ask if he has permission to do something. He thought that was lame and that he can always 'read a person's body language". I told him that is fine until you realize you can't and then it is too late. You never take chances, you always ask permission for everything because there is nothing as sexy as an enthusiastic yes!

I throw a lot of parties and take precautions to make sure no one's consent is violated. I take a look at people's friend's lists and choose folks off of that. I tell them my parties are consent oriented and will their friend be a good fit. If I get one person saying no, I investigate why. If I get two people who say no, you are legally not allowed on my property. Seriously, I tell people if they show up, it will be considered trespassing and the cops will be called.

But people cannot be expected to follow your rules if you do not make them clear. I put out brochures I have written up. I lay them on the table and if you attend one of my parties, it is required reading. It states that 'no' is always a no and you are not allowed to try and persuade someone otherwise because that is still a no. It says a yes is not always a yes. Some people have a hard time saying no because they are pleasers. Some folks do not want to be a bad guy and hurt other people by saying no. This is where I tell folks to watch another person and if they seem hesitant about playing, or they seem like they cannot make up their mind, you are always to put the ball in their court. You tell them you can see they are thinking about it and to feel free to take as long as they like. Know that you want to play with them and they can approach you at any time. This gives the power to the other person. They can never approach you again. They can speak up and say they really do want to play. They can play with other folks and not worry about the original person.

This is empowering people who normally do not feel empowered. It is making sure you are getting a real 'yes' and not forcing someone into an answer. And I put forth that if I hear of anyone being forced into anything, I will happily escort the victim to the police station and encourage them to press charges. Oh! And the violator, of course, will never be allowed back on my property!

You see, I believe in consent. I want another person to want to play with me or possibly even have sex with me as much as I want to play or have sex with them.

My boyfriend and I were once bringing my best friend into our bedroom. I knew this girl had been sexually assaulted for a year and did not speak up. I knew she had problems saying no. I never wanted her to feel anything was being forced on her. I say down at the dining room table and talked to her for ten minutes before we ever went to the bedroom. I told her that not only is a 'no' acceptable, it is wanted if she did not care to do something. I explained I would check in with her every step of the way to insure she was still ok with what was happening. And if she did stop us, I would ask her if she wanted it completely stopped or if she wanted us to take a few steps back and do what we were had earlier. She was told if she said no there would be no rolling of eyes. I would not give a great big sigh. I would till be friends with her afterwards and still speak with her the next day. I explained all of this and more. When we moved to the bedroom, we had a lot of fun and she knew she was in safe hands. I checked in with her every step of the way because, when you are consent oriented, that is what you do.

Does it seem nerdy? Not to me. Consent is never nerdy. When I tell people what I want to do with them, they are flattered I am attracted enough to want to play. I do not want to play with anyone who just says yes for the sake of not letting me down. The energy will not be as good as it would with someone who truly wants to be there.

I have been throwing parties for a couple of years now and I have not had a single consent violation reported to me. Does all of this stuff seem like overkill? Maybe to you. For me, it comes down to respect. I respect people enough not to want to leave the emotional scars that consent violations can leave. Consent violations can leave people feeling bad about themselves. Depending how bad the violation was, it can end in suicide.

Forcing yourself on someone is never ok. Consent is important to me and it should be to you as well. we are Democrats. We do not hurt people. We care for them and look out for each other. If those predators cared about other people, they would have asked. Or maybe they didn't ask because they knew exactly what they were doing. They were selfish and only cared about themselves and certainly not the emotional carnage they left behind.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sun Nov 12, 2017, 06:11 PM (0 replies)

Can You Help Me Figure Out How To Help A Few Refugees? (PR)

I have some extra space in my house. Not much but when you are in the conditions that are facing Puerto Ricans, this would possibly be good for two or three people? Anyway, I am sure some folks getting off the island (did you know the Puerto Rico was an island and you cannot just drive there? Seriously, it is in the middle of a thing called the Atlantic!!!) need a place and have nowhere to go. I really do not have money to get them here but perhaps I could pick them up or they could find a way to get to NC? Anyway, I have no idea how to locate a family in need. I assume this may be a need for some folks escaping from the hell that is going on right now but I am not sure how to offer up my house to a couple of people. Is this needed? If so, who can I reach out to? I feel a need to do this but I have no idea where I can go to put this in action. Thank you for any ideas you may have.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Fri Sep 29, 2017, 08:36 AM (2 replies)

We Need To Call Our Representatives (PR)

I agree we need to call regarding Obamacare, whenever a repeal comes up. And I know Obamacare is a matter of life and death because it is for my son. Right now we are safe from the appeal. Right now our people, the people of Puerto Rico, are starving and thirsty. They are dying. The heat is horrible and our citizens are suffering. This is a matter of life and death for a lot of them. We need to all be calling our representatives and demand we do something to help our fellow citizens. No matter who these people are, it is the compassionate and right thing to do. Please call your representatives and demand we help our own people. Thank you.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Fri Sep 29, 2017, 08:27 AM (1 replies)

What If Donald Approached The Russians?

Donnie had been to Russia many times and had a lot of ties to big money investors there. What if we have been looking at it all wrong? I know Russia has shaped elections in other countries.

What if Donnie had heard all of this? What if he approached the Russians and asked for help? Maybe he owed so much money that he reached out and said if his debt was erased he could make good things happen for Russia through the U.S..

Russia seemed to be so intent on fixing the elections. So much more so than they usually did. Trump may have thought he was using the Russians but if approached, maybe the Russians saw a goldmine opportunity.

This all could have happened even with Russia having blackmail material on Trump.

I know this is all speculation but I was sitting here wondering why Russia put in as much effort as they did. Wouldn't it be amazing if something like this came out?!?!
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Wed Apr 19, 2017, 09:49 PM (6 replies)

If Trump Is Such A Great Negotiator....

Why does he have to add to the defense budget? Wouldn't all of his tough negotiating, and looking out for the U.S., result in so much savings that we would still come out ahead even with military expansion? Just saying.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Mon Feb 27, 2017, 02:36 PM (7 replies)

There Should Be Threats of Charging Them With Murder....

If republicans are going to go ahead with this farce and take away health care for our country because, you know, they are all paid protesters, then they should have to face the consequences of all of the deaths that occur. Before they make this life and death decision for the whole country, ads should be run saying lawyers will step forward and not only will republicans be held responsible during elections but legally as well.

I do not care if there is precedent for this or not, they are doing no less than committing mass murder if they take away our health insurance. Maybe they do not care about us but maybe they will give it more consideration if there butts are on the line. Something needs to be done to stop these would be murderers. Pro-life my ass.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Thu Feb 23, 2017, 08:28 AM (2 replies)
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