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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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Why isn't Palin going to the convention?

Apart from living too far away?

We need some pithy, short answers.

In this whole Comey mess, I've been confident that Hillary didn't "lie." I've been confident she told what her understanding was at the time. The main reason is why would she? At first this was based on my trust in her as an honest, ethical person, even though I didn't understand the facts. As the facts became clearer I though, "Well, of course she didn't lie. Why would she risk lying about such trivia as buried letter "c's" in 2 or 3 e-mails, or the number of servers her techs used (still don't know if they were serial or simultaneous). Responsible journalists should immediately see that. You don't say someone "lied" when they told what they believed to be the truth.

Anyway. It's been hard for me, a firm supporter to get the facts. And when I get them, they are complicated and subtle. I can see the MSM reports causing fence-sitters to waver. We need a pithy response. Or some pithy responses.

Come on DUers. There are a lot of really clever people on this site. Can someone slice the Gordian knot of public perception?

I'm waiting for CorrectRecord.org to post something. Until a genius comes up with these pithy responses, I think the campaign is probably right to stay away from the topic.

Here are a couple of links that I found helpful in gathering the facts. But sure not helpful in telling me how to talk to fence-sitters.


PERFECT event in NH today!!!!!!

Has Trump been out of the picture for the last few days?

The last I heard of him was his Tweet alleging that the Dallas attack was part of a "coordinated" <something>. Maybe his would-be handlers managed to keep him quiet.???

Worth while cross post from General Discussion


Why I think Trump is trying to sabotage...

... his own candidacy.

1 - A few weeks ago it was reported that a person working very early on for Trump said that he asked (her... I think it was a her) to see that he got a healthy vote, preferably a solid second. She said "He never wanted to be president." Sorry, I don't have a link to this. I just remember it. Pretty sure I saw it on DU.

2 - Everytime something happens that might give Hillary trouble (e.g., FBI interview), he does something even more outrageous than he has before (e.g., anti-semitic tweet). Talking heads jabber in wonderment at the stupidity of it. Maybe they should look beyond the obvious in the pattern.

3 - He has done almost nothing to raise money or create an organization. Again, if he were serious, even he knows that turnout (as contrasted with media coverage) depends on money and staff.

Why would he want to lock himself up in the White House, dealing with stuff even he knows he doesn't understand? But try as he might he can't quite blow it up. Let's wish him success in his quest to get out of this.

Globalization and the Democratic platform.

I've long been a supporter of globalization because I see it as a necessary step to bringing more income equality to people across the world. Rich countries need to share the wealth.

But after the Michigan primary I developed a lot more sympathy for the position that globalization is being pushed forward by corporations and the elite and that the working classes in developed countries are being asked to pay the price.

So my position now is that globalization must continue to move forward, but equal attention needs to be paid to safety nets (more socialization? yeah) for the people in developed countries who are being hurt by the process.

Does anyone else hold this (to me eminently sensible) idea? I haven't seen it expressed in exactly this way. Also, to me it seems too complex to put in to a party platform. Can some genius who agrees with me come up with language?


Trump finds golf approximately 12 times more interesting than his grandchildren....

...and neither very interesting at all.

I love my grandchildren so much, he said at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, but if I talk about them for more than nine or 10 seconds . . . after that, what are you going to say? He also said, I love golf but after speaking about golf for a couple minutes, its tough.

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