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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,893

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I wonder if everyone who speaks gets help...

... from a speech writer. Does anyone know? Most people who aren't experienced would have a lot of trouble coming up with a speech that fit the time requirements. Never mind being completely understandable.

I'd exclude Bill Clinton from this I think.

What's with DemConvention.com?? (or .org)

Earlier today I noticed Kaine couldn't be found in the list of speakers. Just now CNN scrolled that America Ferrera and Eric Holder would speak. They're not there either. ?????

A college paper shows up in Google News. Out does NYT...

... on objective reporting, IMHO.


When does Kaine speak? He's not listed...

... in the schedule of speakers at DemConvention.com.

Who is the woman sitting to Bill Clinton's left? Nt

Preach, Cory, preach!!!!! nt

Excellent statement about the "likeability problem." Boston Globe.

Sorry everyone. Someone reported that the link was broken, and when I went back to look at the article I got an error. Dunno what happened. If anyone else can get at it, please post.

We need to combat this awful bias with facts, facts, facts. They're nicely summarized at the beginning of this article. But read the whole thing!

C-Span is great. Don't know why I ignored it so long. nt

Who decides when WikiLeaks publishes....

... something? The entity providing the leaks, or the Wikileaks organization?


My e-mail to Mark Shields

I sent the following to viewermail@newshour.org. Does anyone know of an e-mail address that might go more directly to Mark Shields? (Of course I didn't sign it LAS14.... )

Dear Mark Shields,

You did me a favor Friday, July 22. For years my husband and I have looked forward to Fridays when we could hear you and David Brooks dispense your insights. Most stimulating. But during this primary we have been annoyed and frustrated, sometimes angry at your one-sided opinions about Hillary's "likability." You've never, to my knowledge, delved into the mystery of her very high positive ratings during her tenures as first lady, senator and secretary of state over against her lower ratings during this election cycle. But I struggled to take you seriously, knowing, of course, that she does have a "likability problem" during this election.

But the favor you did me last night was to clarify my perceptions. When you came out with the patently irrational statement that 99% of the American public does not see her warm and funny side I settled with the understanding that you are a product of your times. You grew up before women's liberation really took hold. One can sympathize with the struggles of men your age, but you, as a respected pundit, ought to really examine your biases when it comes to Hillary's likability.



P.S. Feel free to share this with David Brooks who suffers from a similar blind spot but who didn't present me with such a vivid confirmation of his state of mind.
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