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Member since: Mon Feb 8, 2016, 07:44 AM
Number of posts: 872

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Election Justice USA seems to be back on Facebook


At least I found it at the above link. It was a site I did not read before, so I am not sure if it is the same. It has almost no content now, so the paid Hillbots at Correct the Record did manage to cost them that.

Go like it folks, if it is the real site. You don't have to follow it, but get that Like number back up there.

I understand at least one other similar election integrity site was removed from facebook, but I forget its name so I can't check.

#BernieOrBust and the Tea Party

How their voters control one of the major parties, and how we can do it too:


Think the voters choose the pledged delegates in RI? Think again.


"At the Convention, Rhode Island will have 33 delegates and two alternates: 15 will be elected at the Presidential Preference Primary on April 26, 2016; 9 (at large & PLEO delegates) will be selected by the State Committee at a May/ June meeting; and the remaining 9 appointed by virtue of their position in the Party."

The state committee is reportedly stacked with Clinton supporters.

delegates NY and Washington

I have no idea what the source of this info is, or if it's true, but the local Bernie facebook page posted this:

"So after all is said and done, all the voter suppression and wiping people's voter registrations etc., H only gets +33 in New York. That will be erased once Bernie gets the +35 he is owed from the Washington caucus."

Then follows a pic I can't link to which shows NY delegate counts as Hillary 139, Bernie 106. Update: the AP has this delegate count.

Now is a good time to donate, people; over 300 delegates available next Tuesday.


Coming up April 26th:

Delaware 21 delegates
Connecticut 55 delegates
Rhode Island 24 delegates
Maryland 95 delegates
Pennsylvania 189 delegates

I just donated again.

so a phone call from a survey

which seemed legitimate, not a push poll. Wanted to know if I was registered etc. and Bernie or Hillary. I said Bernie of course. The guy said, that's who I'm voting for too

I'm proud of my state senator Jim Sheehan for endorsing Bernie

Sheehan is fighting a lone fight for ethics reform in RI, one of the most politically corrupt states in the union. He is a natural Bernie supporter.

After the federal RI Senators being in the bag for Hillary, it is refreshing to know we have one honest politician locally.

Jim Dean for Bernie

I was surprised to see that Jim Dean was at the opening of the RI Bernie office, because I know Howard supports Hillary. Surprise, Jim is for Bernie. He also said elsewhere:

Dean and I discussed his relationship with his brother, former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean, who, as some of you may know, endorsed Clinton early in her campaign. While not talking about his bother specifically, Dean said that he thinks many who endorsed Clinton early on now regret it, as the energy and momentum is clearly with Sanders. Dean did say that he went to his brother early in the process, though, promising that, whoever the membership of DFA voted to support, the organization would run a positive campaign and eventually back the Democratic nominee. (When DFA’s one million members were asked who they wanted to support in the primary, 87.5% of respondents indicated Sanders.)

Question about convention delegate announcements

It's been years since I watched a convention, pretty much since they stopped being contested. But it used to be that during the roll call, someone from each state group would stand up and say something like: "Mr. Chairman (or something) the great state of Framis, home of the Framis Metal Works, proudly casts leventy-leven votes for the next President of the United States, Bugs Bunny.

Now I am wondering, does that count include super delegates? Heck, maybe there weren't even superdelegates years ago, I don't remember. Looking it up, superdelegates seem to have been created in the early 1980s, so maybe the old counts I remember didn't include them.

Of course, pandemonium broke loose when someone achieved the necessary number of delegates. But if they think they can throw the nomination to Hillary via the supers if Bernie has the pledged, think again.

Laura Bush to vote for Hillary? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


Laura wants someone "who cares about the plight of Afghan women." Well, Hillary ruined the lives of millions of Libyan women, I guess she should switch her attention to another country she can throw into disaster. Not to forget how Hillary worked to get the minimum wage of Haitian garment workers reduced by half at the behest of U.S. manufacturers.

Could a women who married George Bush have questionable judgement? I'm really impressed by her favoring Hillary. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

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