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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
February 13, 2021

This Is What Still Keeps Me Up At Night

Though I can honestly say my sleep patterns have improved since Joe Biden's inauguration, I still find falling asleep a restless affair. The current impeachment proceedings now in summation haven't improved the situation. The review of the January 6th insurrection, the ugly shouts and violence of the crowd, the image of a gallows erected on Capitol grounds, the knowledge of how close we came to a true political, national nightmare is chilling. Though Donald Trump is a demented, almost cartoonish thug, his nihilistic supporters, white supremacists and QAnon sleepwalkers were/are deadly serious.

It's obvious that Republicans refuse to hold Trump responsible for inciting violence against our own government, all a response to a lost election. For Republican senators, it's all about retaining power, ensuring money from various donors to continue their anti-democratic screeds, voter intimidation and grift. Anything to hold on.

Which raises the question: was January 6th merely a prologue?

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who I've mentioned in other threads, has said that unsuccessful coups are frequently followed by additional attempts, many of which are successful. Here's a relevant clip:

". . . Looked at through the lens of the history of authoritarian leadership, January 6 could be viewed as a trial run, as failed coups often precede successful ones, as in Chile in 1973. "That's what we f**king need to have, 30,000 guns up here," said one man in the crowd, depicted in the video shown on the first day of proceedings, frustrated that the group was not entering the Capitol more rapidly. "Next trip," someone answered him."

Yeah, this thought and warning is what makes my nights less than peaceful. I sense I'm not the only one.



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Retired writer/editor, avid reader, political junkie, Mom to grown kids and endlessly kid-like puppies and Nan to our sweet Cassandra.
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