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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
September 2, 2018

Now That The Missing Man Formation Has Flown Over Annapolis, The Air Is Still and Calm

However John McCain orchestrated his funeral services, the ultimate effect was remarkable, powerful. Admire him or detest him, McCain left his mark on the world. His final mark was on the country’s consciousness, a poignant reminder regarding our responsibility to one another and to America, a nation we’ve frequently taken for granted.

He chose his orators/chorus with care and purpose to actively demonstrate, I think, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like to come together despite our differences. It was a clarion call to regain our footing, get back on the path, take up the burden of citizenship, statesmanship, common decency.

McCain's memorial has underscored a change in the wind, a true weariness, even disgust with the bombastic strutting, the endless lies coming out of Trump and his zombie supporters. In comparison to what we've witnessed this past week, the Trumpster’s churlish clan looks small, even more crass than before. Trump's early morning tweets/complaints yesterday were pathetic, hardly a blip on the radar.

Something has started to shift after months of revelations and investigations. The sheer cruelty, the petty meanness, the disloyalty, the greed, the gross incompetence have piled up and are now being exposed. Maybe not as quickly as we want. Yet the lid to Pandora’s box is sliding open.

In contrast, we have McCain speaking from the grave demanding that we be better, are better, must be far better for our children and grandchildren and the future of the Republic.

I listened to an old man down in Texas the other night. He'd put together a meet&greet for Beto O'Rourke. He said, "Listen, I'm a conservative. But I'm not so conservative that I think being inhumane is okay. We need to treat one another better. We need to get back to being generous and big-hearted."

Now, that's what I call a shift! One for the greater good.

John McCain managed to pull this final performance together from his death bed. With a little help from his friends, of course. But still, I think this was his last gift to his family, his colleagues and countrymen. I wonder if he regarded the effort as a leaning-in to Lincoln’s line in the Gettysburg Address:

“. . . the last full measure of devotion.”

Don’t know why but those words have been tumbling inside my head all week.

The Russians, I understand, were very happy, even giddy to hear about McCain’s passing. They considered him an arch-enemy, a constant thorn in their side. On their version of 60 minutes, they purportedly said, “Good, he’s gone. There won’t be another like him because the United States is over, done.”

I wouldn’t place bets on that statement. In fact, I predict those Russian broadcasters will rue the day they said it. As Trump et al will rue the many days ahead.

I never voted for John McCain. His political positions often left me bewildered and angry. But this week he earned my respect. So . . .

Godspeed, Senator. Godspeed.

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Retired writer/editor, avid reader, political junkie, Mom to grown kids and endlessly kid-like puppies and Nan to our sweet Cassandra.
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