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Name: Peg
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Current location: Tennessee
Member since: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 07:31 PM
Number of posts: 5,389

Journal Archives

As We Ponder What the Trump/Putin Summit Will Entail . . .

Hoarse Whisperer has a heads up on 'coincidental' happenings behind the scenes. As he suggests: there are games afoot. Because there are aways games


The Clown Show Exposed

To be honest, I periodically muted the TV during the Republican interrogation of Peter Strozk. The nonsense gave me a splitting headache. But I heard enough.

Republicans were obviously expecting an wide-eyed whipping boy to enter their den because the mythical monster they'd envisioned and whined about to the Kool-aid Troops was an easy target, engorged on Trumpster-hate, besotted with Hillary-love, basically a toothless, shivering remnant of 2016.


They had their asses handed to them in the same way the 11-hour Benghazi interrogation tuned decidedly sideways, making them all look and sound like utter fools.

Some fools never learn, as in Louis Gohmert a man who really needs to return to his asparagus fields.

Rick Wilson shares my opinion of today's clown show. A small sample here:

Because Trump supporters live in a hermetic media echo chamber, these hearings are part of a predictable, hokey Kabuki dance. They’re a device for generating a new round of hyperbolic base-only stories that will follow the same, dumb arc as all the rest; in the coming days, you’ll see Sean Hannity flirt with apoplexy, coating the camera lens with flecks of spittle as he rants over Strzok’s perfidy. You’ll see pro-Trump columnists herniate themselves stretching to turn flippant text messages into a vast conspiracy. Twitter will be a flood of moronic memes, white-hot takes, and promises that Strzok will soon be in Gitmo alongside Hillary, Obama, Podesta, and Soros.

Same old, same old. Because some fools never learn. Sadly, we're all paying for it.

Complete piece by Wilson at the Daily Beast:


Faces Like Flint . . . Spark a Fire

Okay, this Reverend Jeff Black says it better than I can. He says it with enough punch and passion that it's worthwhile referencing in those moments of doubt and uneasyness.


The danger is real but not insurmountable. Concentrate on the core issue going forward and offer up Faces of Flint . . . Spark a Fire.

Love this! Because it rings true.

The reader app will unspool the entire thread.

NJ Republican Congressional candidate Loses Endorsement

Seth Grossman running for NJ's 2nd district has lost his GOP endorsement due to . . . bigotry and how it has no place in society, let alone American politics.

Apparently, bigotry is okay in the White House but not in the House of Representatives. How quaint.

Grossman has made a number of provocative statements during his long history of trying to run a viable campaign in the Garden State. However, his more recent comments about 'diversity being a bunch of crap' and African Americans being the biggest threat to blacks and non-blacks alike was a step too far.

I suspect the Republican's internal polling in the district was a huge factor and perhaps some other nasty details about Grossman are floating round. Grossman has not withdrawn his candidacy, so it remains to be seen what further steps will be taken. But at this point his funding and GOP support is over. Pretty much, Dead Man Walking.


In Case You Missed It

In addition to trashing two dying American public servants--Poppy Bush & John McCain, the second block of text was also in the Montana rally/rant/howling at the moon event.


Stunningly incomprehensible!

Chris Hayes also had this . . . whatever it is posted on his show tonight. This reminds me of an unedited Trumpster interview conducted by the Wall St Journal last year--in that it makes no frigging sense.

This is what a breakdown sounds like. The man is hanging on by his hairpiece.

And he's meeting with Vlad (in private) in less than two weeks!

Wanna Win in November?

Short list of clear, no-nonsense recommendations from Tea Pain:


Btw, judging from recent polls (inside those approval/disapproval %s), the vast majority of voters are looking for a Check on Trump. So,

A Check on Trump? Vote Democratic.

This is Why We Fight, Even When the Odds Are Stacked

Good news from Turkey--Erdogan has won but the Kurdish Party is poised to gain the votes in Parliament, a check on the Strongman Presidency, One-Man Rule.

Sound familiar?


This Is Why We're Fighting: the Rise of the Strongman Presidency, One-Man Rule

Turkey didn't slide into a one-man debacle overnight. It crept in on cat's feet, became increasingly autocratic (particularly since the curious, if not staged coup of several years ago) and if Erdogan wins--he's already announced an unofficial victory--One Man Rule will be a lock. Like the Trumpster and his minions, Erdogan believes in a strong security force over the Rule of Law or an independent judiciary. In fact today, the Trumpster's comments against immigrants--just deport 'em, forget due process--is a clear warning. The Trumpster and Erdogan also share an affection for Putin and his oligarchs.

How strange and coincidental.

Not really. Thugs and the lawless come in all nationalities, an equal opportunity career path.

In November, we can shut this down, neuter the danger in the United States. We dare not miss. Because our lives depend on it.


The Trumpster's Cabinet Meeting, The Short Version

For anyone who missed the televised cabinet meeting or cannot bear watching the Trumpster on the C-span video, I offer the short version, another chapter in MAGA: Make Americans Gag Again

The problems on the border are all the Democratic Party's fault. Schumer and Pelosi have put out the word: do not cooperate, obstruct everything and anything. And this is all about human trafficking (oh please, don't let this be another projection).

The filibuster is a bust which prevents Trumpy from doing what needs to be done, yada, yada. But those pictures of the kids really bothered him and the Democratic Party doesn't care, will not agree to funding for the upkeep and care of the children and just want more judges. Other countries don't do this; they put their money into security but the Democrats don't care because they simply want open borders and think the chaos will help them in November.

Btw, there's going to be a Red Wave from the polls the Trumpster is checking in his stable genius brain.

Mexico is also a huge problem because they refuse to do anything about the immigrants walking through their country, waves of immigrants walking through like it was Central Park (Best analogy).

And just in case you weren't aware, the summit with Kim Jong un was a you-u-ge success. The people in Asia love us for what we've done. All over Asia they're loving us because everyone was talking war with North Korea before the Trumpster and 'Mike' took office. During the Obama Administration that's all people were talking about (funny I don't remember that during the Obama years. I specifically recall the Trumpster beating the war drums--the fire and fury proclamation).

And the economic picture is rosy, the best in the entire history of the United States, maybe the Universe!

The End

(except for Mulvaney, who I did not listen to but no doubt described dismantling the Department of Education and wedding it to the Labor Department and the closing prayer: Please God, keep Mueller off our asses.).

The Monsters Have Retreated a Half-Step but The Hollow Men Remain

The immigration policy that the Trumpster and his acolytes have embraced is ghastly in and of itself. Terrorizing children, shredding family connections and pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves has infuriated the public and brought professional journalists to tears.

One can only guess how bad the polling has been on this issue, the internal polling not the numbers the public sees. Because make no mistake, this is what this half-step back is all about. The Trumpster and his enablers have not developed hearts and souls overnight. They’ve simply realized that their position is a no-win, despite Miller’s protests to the contrary. Perhaps Nielsen finally drew a line after her public shaming: reverse this order or I resign and go public.

Marie Antoinette moments are often shattering.

As good as this reversal appears, feels, the Hollow Men are still in place. Immigrant children have been separated from their families and the task to reunite them will be long and arduous. Some of these kids have already been handed off to foster care, entered into the labyrinth of Social Services. The scars will last because trust has been irrevocably broken. The damage will be lasting both for the children and the country.

I found it amusing the Trumpster cancelled the Congressional picnic, said it was inappropriate at the moment. Does that impropriety include tonight’s campaign rally in Minnesota where The Donald can feel the love?? Does it include Mike Pompeo’s tone deaf tweet this morning celebrating World Refugee Day or Jeff Session’s disappointment in rescinding child separation, infant incarceration, cruelty on a massive scale?

Guaranteed, The Hollow Men are merely resetting the machines at the Monster Factory. Time is short. Their work is never done.

Nor is ours.
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