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Member since: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 05:35 PM
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Just voted in Maryland for Bernie

My polling place was virtually empty, more campaign workers inside than voters, no Bill Clinton.
Only one guy outside with a sign campaigning for Chris Van Hollen (I voted for Donna Edwards but didn't tell him)
We now have paper ballots that you fill out & they put in a machine - much simpler than before.

There are several polling places in my small city, and I don't think ours ever gets the most voters. I'll see later whether they've got more going on elsewhere.

Monica Lewinsky is trending on Twitter. She is a brave young woman.


her voice is SO grating

and her lies so incessant...

Bernie's speech in Washington Square yesterday

was beyond excellent: it was consciousness raising, mind-expanding, & not a wrong note was struck as over 25,000 people gathered to promote his vision. But let's talk about whores instead, right?

I think that speech tonight was incredible

The force of nature is with Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders bring me a dream!

Los Angeles protest against CNN media bias online

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