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Member since: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,134

Journal Archives

Bernie rally in Pittsburgh - live

Another volunteer campaign worker's account of possible sabotage

This situation is insane.

Arizona, Idaho & Utah Democratic primaries today

Go, Bernie!

The night is always darkest just before dawn

as the old saying goes. Bernie has reminded us what hope feels like, and this is just the start of the revolution.

Why did she lie about Nancy Reagan's involvement with the AIDS crisis? Why THAT lie?

Why a lie that would upset so many, so personally, so strongly. Why? It occurred to me: maybe she did it deliberately, just to upset people. Because she could. Because she's so angry & hostile & feeling her world falling apart? This Bernie situation must be just killing her.

Bernie is berning down the house in Maine!

just visited Daily Kos & Reddit and the news looks to be all good.

Bill Clinton poll invasion petition to Massachusetts atty gen.

at change.org has 100,300 signatures.

I wonder why Clinton is skipping the March 7 town hall with Bernie?

On the eve of the Michigan primary...Could it be she fears a slew of questions about the FBI investigation?

What could or should be done about Bill Clinton's actions

in suppressing the vote/ interfering with the vote at several polling stations in Massachusetts? It's beyond infuriating, it reeks, as someone said, and is an FU to Bernie voters. Shameful.

quick question

Has Elizabeth Warren responded to DWS attack on payday lending rules?
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