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Profile Information

Name: Michelle AbdusShakur
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brooklyn
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 245

About Me

Transgender woman of color who wants to live in a world where schools and libraries have enough money and the Defense department requires yearly bake sales to update their missiles.

Journal Archives

Eugene Robinson has a great take on the craziness

And I agree...we have seen incompetence, sgupidity, injustice, inanity, lack of honor or decency and a complete lack of protocol, American history, global affairs and a respect for criminal behavior, violence and hatred.

But this is only the beginning. We are to witness not only more of the same but even more than that.

Maybe the Orange man child should consider this...

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde

As a transgender person of color who served in the military, denying us to serve is not let us be ourselves. History will prove us right, and him and the destructive cabal will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Oh thank you!

My eyes gloss over sometimes. Aging, the original pre-existing condition!


I was proud when he denounced one of his supporters for alleging that Mr. Obama was an Arab. Other than that, there are fewer instances of where I am sickened by his words aND actions. Palin being brought in, Lieberman as his V.P. choice, his wish to keep the Confederate flags, his stance on many President Obama initiatives and even his desire to be reelected once again, for a six year term shows that this is not a nice person.

And his decision to go along with the party rather than for the good of the country shows us what he really believes.

G.K.Chesterton Quote

I love quotes. I keep a pack of 3 by 5 cards of quotes to inspire me, motivate me, and view the world a little different from the last time I reflected on the message of the author.

Today, I found this quote in my file, and I wanted to share it with my fellow DU community members. I am proud to be a member in this circle, and appreciate the understanding I receive from many of you. And this quote I think summarizes how we feel about speaking out, rallying for and lobbying our representatives in Washington and all our state capitals as we work to make our states, our country and our world a better place.

In the end it will not matter to us whether we fought with fails or reeds. It will matter to us greatly on what side we fought. G.K. Chesterton

This is good news

Give him nothing. As Michael Corleone once said, "Not even the fee for the gambling license."

I was watching Columbo...

So, I am at home with my cats, Pepper, Kitty and Malik who often watch me watching TV or watch the TV screen. Columbo comes on, and Peter Falk is one of my favorite actors, as Lt. Columbo of the LAPD, investigating a homicide. The unique feature of the show is that we as the audience witness the murder. We see the reason why the victim is killed and we are shown the means for the murderer to establish an alibi thus preventing their capture and imprisonment.

Nothing new, except, I thought of what is going on in our country right now. I had a strange epiphany that many of us as the progressive left have witnessed this part of the show in the election of this current orange tinted administration. And although we know the reason why, and see the transgressions of the murderer we continue to watch our detective assemble all of the clues to put them away. The initial question differing in every episode that Lt Columbo asks makes the person realize that getting away with murder is not so easy. They begin to provide false information, hoping the smoke and mirrors will take them out of the fire, only to realize that this makes them more culpable. Simply dismissing such statements worries them further and they begin to feel, well, there is no proof. And no proof means I can walk.

But Lt. Columbo comes back again and again, working on them, getting them to lower their guard until their confession, or lies get them into trouble. The truth is plain to see that they were the murderer and was the clearly the only one capable with the means, motive and opportunity test to commit the murder.

I'm hoping that we are in the last 15 to 20 minutes of the show in 45 administration as they try to cover their tracks hoping and praying that they are not caught.

Just my thoughts.

Oh, and BTW, my cats agreed with me too because after the show I fed them and they went to sleep. None of them disagreed with my analysis like they sometimes do when they jump on the shelves and I have to scoot them off.

Maybe she should be out

So we can get a house to land on her in Munchingland.

History Lesson

A poem rhat 50 years from now American kids will learn on how the 45 administration began to unravel...

Shocked. Just shocked I tell you!

Well, the hole is getting deeper and bigger...I can hardly wait till we start this bonfire.
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