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Profile Information

Name: Michelle AbdusShakur
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brooklyn
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 245

About Me

Transgender woman of color who wants to live in a world where schools and libraries have enough money and the Defense department requires yearly bake sales to update their missiles.

Journal Archives

So true

The fight continues whether you wish to participate or not. If you don't, that may be your right, but so many who came before you DIED so that you may do that nothing. And in a real way, that person dishonors those brave individuals, undermines our democracy and darkens the world by being blissfully ignorant in our world.


I was doing research on an unrelated topic, and found this quote from a former President of the United States. Wishing to share with my fellow community members, and of course asking the eternal question of have we finally learned our lesson from history?

"The political lesson of Watergate is this: Never again must America allow an arrogant, elite guard of political adolescents
to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a national election."

Gerald Ford

And we have CHIP for 6 years

Which eliminated one hostage from the GOP from their cruelty

I don't get this...

This should be a Hatch Act violation as an earlier poster wrote, but how does this stop? This is the weekend, who determines this message and how do we get our representatives and senators to demand this be removed?

Let me get this straight....

You have been caught in so many lies that you ACTUALLY BELIEVE I'm going to fall for this?

How True

I miss him more each day, and wish we could reelect him for one more term to rid the stench of the oaf in the offal Oval Office occupying there now.

Where is the respect for the military?

And what is the mission in Niger?

The Lynching Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Yesterday I went to see the lynching exhibit now at the Brooklyn Museum and was unnerved in the intensity and power of the words and pictures. Seeing the interactive map where over 4000 mostly African-American people lost their lives for perceived slights made to the Caucasians in their area brought out to me sadness, despair and overwhelming grief. Lynchings are thought only to have occurred in the Confederate South, but there were many instances of mob justice as far north as New York and Pennsylvania and as far west as California.

Reading some of their stories was harrowing. One which struck deep was a female African-American teacher who reprimanded some Caucasian children for throwing rocks at her as she was returning home from her school. A mob gathered that night, on her property, forcibly removing her, lynched her to a tree on her property and left her body up, not cutting it down, so her family could see the crime for being so uppity. When her son advocated for justice, the governor of the state said he was powerless to do any action including prosecution or imprisonment of the guilty parties. Less than a week later he was forced to flee for his life as the Caucasians in the community explained that he would be next. He and his younger siblings left with only the clothes on their back thus abandoning the property the family owned, the house and it's furnishings and their ties to go to another state.

It hurts to see these type of displays, and it pains me as an educated African-American transsexual woman who is blessed to live in present times, yet still face the demons in yet another form. This effort is needed to heal our divide, and as one quote explained, Slavery didn't end in 1865, it evolved.

I pray with our present crises and the current occupant sitting in the White House, that this evolving stop, retreat and hopefully fade away. But for that to happen, all of us need to refresh and remember the infamy of this era where terrorism was done by Americans to other Americans.

A lot of people believe propoganda

Really O'Reilly?

Fox news is where they go to get it, and as Quick Draw McGraw once said, and don't you forget it!

Yes...and maybe

I'm proud of the players and the stand they took. I'm proud of those who interlocked their arms together in a show of solidarity. I'm proud of those who kneeled and advocate for law enforcement to end the killings of people of color. I'm glad the NFL management spoke truth to power that dissent is patriotic and their athletes are not disrespecting but bringing attention to an issue.

I would be proud of the NFL when Kaepernick plays on an NFL team this year. And prouder when PSA advising children and parents that football should not be played until a child reaches a certain age.
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