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Profile Information

Name: Michelle AbdusShakur
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brooklyn
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 245

About Me

Transgender woman of color who wants to live in a world where schools and libraries have enough money and the Defense department requires yearly bake sales to update their missiles.

Journal Archives

That's amazing

To actually think a hurricane is fake.....

Knowledge is Key

The media should inform but I believe everyone should be thinking as well. They do remember 2008 and the financial crises known as The Great Recession?
They do remember who was President and how when he left the office the country was booming?

Saw this too

Another day, another Republican man demanding his damn privilege to speak over a woman.

I think so....

I've posted my thoughts and think that Sessions may be fired but unsure if Graham will go into that spot. He's got 4 more years as senator and that would be rough to give up while dealing with Spanky and Truth aint truth Rudy.

This is the crux of the argument

The spirit of compromise may be initially sought but amendments linked to the Theological Moral Christian wannabes and Right Wing fanatics will make this a constitution much like the Third Reich or of Pinochet.

Just saying.


Guess Cruz isn't all that Texas tough.

Not sure if this is the Big News...

Kevin McCarthy is preparing a biill to fund the border wall to the tune of 2.4 billion dollars. Reading from some sources and still looking for confirmation.

Oh boy what a week already.


I may have to keep stock of my slippers to avoid my two cats from driving my sandals!

I too am concerned...but

She was an anti Trumper and between her flights and curtains she may have had enough of New York and go back to South Carolina.

Tim Scott whom she appointed to the Senate (the other SC senator who also happens to be African American) is leaving the Senate next term so she may wish to campaign for that post.

Sessions is mean and nasty and would not want to be in NY. Diplomacy doesn't suit him and he so likes putting kids in cages.

How can that be?

Before a vote for cloture to be considered isn't it required for all documents inudong investigations to be filed and given to all senators to cast the vote for cloture?
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