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Member since: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 07:11 PM
Number of posts: 169

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Coronavirus is going to come home to roost

For trump. Itís inevitable that the US will grapple with a worsened Coronavirus epidemic thanks to trump.

Unlike other things he can lie about, this will be a signature public disaster for his administration.

His fake news/lies about the realities of this virus will translate directly to unnecessary fatalities

More blood on his hands. I hope media will rightfully and unequivocally direct blame on this one. Iím still doubtful..

News flash to moderates re: marijuana..

The amount of people you alienate by not unequivocally decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana dwarfs those who would be inclined to your incrementalism

Bring it.

Loved Sanders debate tonight, most common sense ideas in the room.

Lets see what the voters think.. in SC and on Super Tuesday.

Iím feeling good about Sanders odds.

Chris Mathews compares Bernie sanders winning to the Nazis taking France.

Chris Mathews has been a joke for awhile now but this is low


How is Bernie the only person who supports

The nominee with the most delegates..

That surprised me, maybe it shouldnít have

Bernie is on point

Simple. Understandable. Winning

Bernie can't win..etc

Yet most Bernie haters will acknowledge that he has more supporters that would stay home if he wasnít the nominee than the other candidates.

Well then the logic of you supporting another candidate if all you care about is beating trump doesnít hold very much water.

Iíll vote blue no matter who but you canít have it both ways if you are perpetuating both of those ideas at the same time. That he canít beat trump, and that another candidate has a better chance, but sanders supporters more than any other candidate are their nominee or bust.

Nazi salute at the college football national championship


Saw this and definitely saw a Nazi salute in real time.. am I paranoid?

But Iím not paranoid.. Fucking fascist..

How long till we find out some huge stock market gains

Were made with prior knowledge of this assassination? Short the s&p and long oil.. Guarantee trump made money off of this.

Itís gonna be a long fucking year
Posted by TheSocialDem | Fri Jan 3, 2020, 11:35 AM (0 replies)

Tom Steyer pushing congressional term limits

I mean I know heís a non factor As far as getting the nomination but pushing this in his campaign advertising like itís the answer pisses me off. Thatís a horrendous idea and he should know better
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