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Member since: Wed Jan 6, 2016, 09:00 AM
Number of posts: 2,900

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Texas power grid under enormous strain. Bet Abbott orders cuts to Austin and other blue cities!

The current and forecasted hot weather is expected to sorely task the crumbling TX power grid which still hasn't been fixed or expanded since the last fiasco.

Wanna bet the Gov. will work real hard to stick it to the libs? I do.

Can someone post pics of all the indicted or soon to be indicted Trumpers?

We should often see a panel of pics, with a short legend under each pic, showing just how many TFG staffers, confidants, Federal Representatives, etc. who have been indicted, jailed or are under actual criminal indictment.

In Nixon's days, many a newspaper and media outlets did so in order to show the public all the senior staffers who actually went to jail for the Watergate fiasco, lastly Nixon himself as he resigned in disgrace. Today, I think such a panel of pics could be used to both warn the public and motivate more to vote the current bastards out of office.

I'd do so myself but don't have the experience of collating either the pics or a short legend under each name.

Can someone here more easily do this?

I've been thinking. What if Trump unexpectedly died? Would his movement collapse?

Wouldn't his goal of a Trumpian dynasty even for his adult kids fade to nothing?

Any thoughts?

P.D.A. syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance, describes Trump to a "T"!

Never heard about this one before today: https://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/pda.aspx

Long article but say 1/2 way down, guess who fits this bill!

So, what did our last real President say to Melania to make her smile? List your guesses....

Is he still wearing tighty whities?

So, will Trump take credit for the huge drop in the Dow Jones?

Hey, he did so when it went up so why not now?


I deleted my Facebook account yesterday. How about you?

It will take 14 days to completely be removed. But, it's hidden now.

Based upon the Zuckerberg interview, I want no part of this failing website any longer.

How about you?

Damning article by Spiro Agnew's attorney: Trump's lies about Russia

Source: Time Magazine

See link.

Read more: http://time.com/5048402/donald-trump-michael-flynn-russia-lies/?xid=homepage

An amazing summary of why Trump's lies about the Russian meddling in the 2016 election have hurt the USA.

Hah! Worst economic growth in 3 years for Trump's first quarter GDP!


Wow, are we tired of all this winning already?

Actually, I'm sorry to hear this bad news as it does hurt most Americans. Worse, it may be the harbinger or bow wave of a overdue recession after eight years of economic growth under President Barack Obama. Gosh, do we miss him now or what?


Had been a near 10 year lurker here, posting though on many other sites. It was time to sign up here and post away!
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