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Member since: Sun Dec 20, 2015, 10:08 AM
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Trump vs DeSantis in 2024 - who is more dangerous?

The recent good news, is that according to a July 5 poll by NYT and Siena college, less than half of Republicans would support Trump if he runs again in 2024.

I think this link goes around the NYT paywall, it's a pdf showing the poll results.

While Trumps popularity among the Fascists appears to be on the decline, the alarming fact is that the runner-up to Trump is DeSantis. In some ways, DeSantis worries me more that Trump.

Trump is so narcissistic that he could never keep his feelings and plans secret for long. While he is always erratic, he's also very predictable. We know exactly what he will do or say in any given situation, it's all about manipulating his dim-witted cult members.

To me there are two reasons why DeSantis is more dangerous than Trump.

1) He is shrewder than Trump. He would have no problem corrupting our military and DOJ and Federal police forces on the lowdown, while projecting "nothing to see here" to the American public. In secret, he could go a lot further than Trump to establish the authoritarian Christo-Fascist state that the Radical Right has dreamed about since before WWII.

2) DeSantis has a true ideological/political focus, he is a true Fascist, whereas Trump was simply an opportunist who hijacked the Republican party in order to stroke his own bloated ego.

Curious what others here think about it.

Will the youth of America be willing and able to stop fascism?

I saw a statistic the other day that suggests most on this forum average around 55 or 60, so not sure there are many under 30's that can answer the question or comment.

But my point is that I don't see the outrage or the energy or the willingness of young people to defy authority that we saw back in the 60's. That youth movement was without a doubt a major catalyst that set ht stage for all the great advancements that we saw, from the Civil Rights Act to the ERA, Roe vs Wade, EPA and so many other progressive changes.

Now that we see that the Fascist Right and their henchmen in robes in SCOTUS are rapidly moving toward undoing all of that, where is the outrage, especially among America's youth? Am I simply missing it?

One difference is that in the 60's we were a mere 20 years away from the Nazi catastrophe, and the memories were fresh. Have we forgotten (or never learned) how fragile democracy can be, and what the end result will be once we have gone under the boot?
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