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Why won't Trump supporters openly embrace their feelings about "colored" people?

Back in the 50's and 60's (yes, old enough to remember those days) segregationists were not shy about expressing their true feelings about the separation of race, and their desire to keep America white - or at least to keep non-white "colored" people in their place as second class citizens (manual labor, waiters, ball players).

Their stance was crystal clear, no ambiguity, we knew exactly what the segregationists wanted, and we knew where the Civil Rights activists stood. Then we passed a few laws, like the Civil Rights act of 1960 and 1964 (later adding the EEOC) and we pretended that racism in America had gone away.

The reality of course is that it never went away. It has always been part of our heritage from the beginning, when Europeans destroyed the Native American nations and of course into the heady days of the slave trade from Africa which generated enormous wealth for an emerging nation.

Trump understands very well that the undercurrent of racism in the American heartland is still alive, and it is a powerful force that can be leveraged to his benefit. Directly or indirectly he has renewed feelings of pride and ignited anger in many light skinned people in the USA. Will it carry him to re-election in 2020? Remains to be seen but it is certainly a possibility.

What we wonder though - why don't all Trump supporters openly admit their desire to go back the the Jim Crow era? Some do; we saw the open face of racism in Charlottesville, and we surely see it in recent Trump rallies. But others seem to be on the fence.

This is the baffling part. Are they ashamed of it? Are they in denial? As we get closer to the 2020 election my guess is that more and more of them will be coming out of the closet. Hard to say whether that will help Trump in the end, but it will be familiar to everyone that remembers the days of segregated housing and newspapers that had separate "colored" and "white" classified sections.
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