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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
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The link between business and religious Republicans is Authoritarianism.

I finally figured out how to put it succinctly.
I grew up around both types of Republicans.
1. the Chamber of Commerce type that supports big business and wants low to no taxes and low to no regulations and private industry to replace governmental ones (eg. prisons/schools).
2. The great unwashed. Low income, low education level, generally insulated white rural communities that are very homogeneous. Rigid adherence to Christianity and especially Evangelical values.

On the surface, they have little in common and, in fact, are disdainful of each other.
Except when it comes to politics.
Because they both believe in authority figures being God like or, actually God.
They want a hierarchical political structure with a “strong” leader.
A CEO or Pope/Pastor to tell them what to think. Who to like. Who to hate.
And, therefore, who to vote for and against.

They are completely top down. They need to be led and they want to follow.
They don’t believe in basic rights to be given to everyone.
They don’t believe in everyone being equal.
They don’t believe in democracy.

Here's how you get southern Republicans to get vaccinated.

Rates for vaccination are the lowest in the southern states.
Older white male Republicans in the South love college football.
If those coaches would agree to make Public Service Announcements encouraging vaccines for all their fans to be able to come to their games, it would be a big success.

Scandal revealed/outrage/talk of investigation/nothing happens/New scandal

revealed/outrage/talk of investigation/nothing happens/another scandal revealed….etc.etc,etc.

Doesn’t it seem the last five years have been like this.
Please wake me when some high level Trump crime family member is in prison.

The Official What Would Change Manchin's Mind Thread 🧵.

There’s an old saying that “everybody has their price”.
So, what would it take for Manchin to change his mind and vote to end the filibuster?

Fill in the blank..

Schumer and the DNC and wealthy Democratic donors should offer him ____________________.
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