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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
March 18, 2021

Why does Atlanta shooter go to massage parlors for sex?

He’s claiming he’s been fighting his sexual urges.
Why doesn’t he pick up and kill prostitutes?
His excuse doesn’t add up unless these massage parlors are, in actuality, houses of prostitution.
Patriots owner Bob Kraft argued that these are legitimate massage therapists that he frequented.

March 15, 2021

Does Freedom of the Press extend to knowingly lying?

Most people that read this site know all to well the genesis of most of America’s current problems.
Right wing radio got away with it.
Then, right wing tv and web sites and social media, etc.etc.
Got away with what?
Purposeful lies, misinformation, and propaganda.

Many of us screamed and yelled and stomped our feet when it started.
We begged others to listen.
As bit by bit, we saw our family members and friends fall for it.
Mostly it was older white men.
But it spread to other demographics.
Now, a good 40% of our country gets their “news” almost exclusively from these sources.

I don’t know how our democracy survives without changes.
All forms of media must be regulated and regulated by the SAME source.
That source must find a way to determine what IS considered as deliberately lying by a media source. (is that even possible? Smarter minds than mine need to tackle this).
Once that line is established, strong penalties must be enforced.

If the above can not happen, we must return to having all news content that is of the Opinion/Ediitorial nature, be labeled as such.

This is probably my wishful thinking of trying to “put the genie back into the bottle”.
I do know that some countries now try to regulate or even drop some offending outlets from their cable and satellite distribution.
Would America dare take that drastic step?

Before we rule everything out and just give our country over to the corporate propagandists, I’d at least, love to see a public/private commission developed to study media manipulation before we completely give up.

Thoughts, my dear friends of facts and truth over alternative facts and lies?

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