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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,700

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9-9-9 gets great praise, still none for Lewis from Trump.

He opens presser with how great Hermain Cain was.
No mention of Lewis funeral.

Anybody want to do a "guess the Veep" poll?

I think itís down to these five.

(I think Abrams and Demmings have been eliminated).

I think it will be Harris or Bass.
Your thoughts?

He called Putin. And again no bounty question from press.

Trump said during his rambling monologue today that he had called Putin to see how Russia is doing with virus.
Youíd think that would prod at least one reporter to ask him during the Q&A if he talked to Putin about the bounty program.
But, once again, our White House press Corp let us down by not bringing it up. Sigh.

Is something wrong with Joe Scarborough?

Today was the 9th day in a row that he has missed.
Mika just says he ďis offĒ each day or says nothing about him.
Usually they say where either one is or when they will be back on days they donít host.

I just find it odd.
Maybe he has Covid and they donít want to go public with it?
He and Mika do live in Florida where there are many outbreaks 😷.

Who will get Mary Trumps first book tour interview?

Now that a a judge has lifted her restrictions, I bet that Rachel lands the first interview. Hope so.

Are there any political reachables in your orbit?

I was having a discussion with a political strategist.
She said that this time around (with social distancing) that more than ever before that campaigns are relying on their supporters trying to reach unregistered, undecided, and apathetic voters.
She said that we should all think in terms of making a list of people we know that fit into that category.
We should then start to slowly get them interested in voting for Biden (or Just voting against Trump) by finding their trigger hot button issues.
She said these types of people only will vote if they see a direct reason that will impact their lives.
She said to ignore any Evangelicals that are anti abortion because they are unreachable.
Otherwise, have at it.

So, I am making out my list today and will start working on them.
Only 17 more weeks to go before the election.
My goal is to win over 2 new voters per week.
Imagine if everyone here did the same.
Happy voter hunting, my Dem friends.

A SERIOUS ? What is the real nature of the Trump/Putin relationship?

It has been danced around by many pundits.
Lots of speculation.
Who knows if we will ever know why Trump reveres him or fears him so much.
But it is the the most important question of Trumps presidency.
So many things have been guided by it.

I donít think itís a pee pee tape.
But I do think itís about humiliation.
I think that Russia/Putin have either given him money or very low interest loans when no American banks would (possibly coordinated through Deutsch bank).
This and his taxes and other financial records would show he was nowhere near as wealthy as he claimed.

Thatís my guess.
Whatís yours?
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