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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
October 30, 2020

Question about Florida voters.

Does anyone know how the “unaffiliated” votes are breaking in Florida.
There sure are a lot of them.


October 26, 2020

The Amish guys behind Trump at Penn rally ?

I don’t know if they were real or fake Amish.
But, they made me laugh.
Felt like a scene out of a Borat movie.

I wish I knew how to put up a screen shot here.
If anybody does know how, please do.

October 21, 2020

Question about black men voting habits.

I was listening to some tv pundits and pollsters today.
They were saying that black male turnout could be the key to this election in some states.
They said that black females will turn out in huge numbers.
But they said that black males are currently on track for just average turnout.
The reason they gave was that Biden doesn’t inspire black males.
They said that few black males will vote for Trump but many just won’t vote.

Trump got 14% of black male vote in 2016.
Hopefully, it will be much less in 2020.
I just don’t understand how any person of color can vote for such a vile racist.

October 14, 2020

Still nothing from the Bush clan. Are they in hiding?

Only 20 days out, you’d think that W and Jeb would have been asked who they are voting for.
I bet they both vote for Biden but won’t say so publicly.

October 8, 2020

Senator Jones needs to toss a Hail Mary.

Last Poll I saw, he was down 12 points to Tuberville.
I think it’s time to throw a Hail Mary or two in this football 🏈 crazy state.
Jones got his undergrad at the Univ of Alabama.
He needs to go all out for the Bama fan vote and paint former Auburn Coach Tuberville as an Auburn fan.
Bama has a lot more fans than Auburn.

So, do this.
Tv/digital video ad with pix of Tuberville coaching at Auburn and beating Bama.
Announcer voiceover about how lifelong Bama fan Doug Jones is still all Bama.
Have Jones wear a Bear Bryant houndstooth hat at end of the ad while saying:
“I’m Bama man Doug Jones and I approve this message. Roll Tide”.

Then, on the final weekend before November 3rd.
Record a robocall and call all homes in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and to all Univ of Alabama Alumni (that info should be avail somewhere).

The voice is done by someone who can imitate Bama football coach Nick Saban.
“hello,Tide fan...usually at this Time of year I’m only all about football. But, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about another big game. The election this coming Tuesday. I was asked who I’m voting for...so I make pretty darn good money, so I appreciated President Trumps tax cuts...and as for the Senate race, Coach Tuberville, well, he was an Auburn guy and once an Auburn guy always an Auburn guy. But Doug Jones went to the University of Alabama and I shook his hand once and he told me Roll Tide. That’s good enough for me. So, please join me in voting for Donald Trump and Doug Jones on Tuesday. Roll tide”.

(For the concerned legal types, the announcer never says that he is Nick Saban. He just sounds like him).

October 1, 2020

Predictions on demographic voting in 2020.

I just looked back at the 2016 numbers. Seen Below.
Here’s what Clinton did:
WM. 32. 62
WM. 45. 47
BM. 91. 6
BW. 98. *
HM. 65. 28
HW. 67. 28

Do you see any real appreciable change in those 6 major demographic groups?
I think that Biden does much better with white men and Trump may do a little better with Hispanic men. Plus there will be very few votes going to third party candidates this time.

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