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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
July 31, 2019

Question for Harris & Buttigieg supporters.

So far, I can’t really exactly peg where I see either of them on the ideological spectrum.
Just for the sake of argument, let’s put Sanders/Warren on the most progressive end as a 10 and put Delaney/Ryan on the least progressive end as a 1.
Where would you put Harris and Mayor Pete?

I think 🤔 maybe they are both around a 7.
But, I want to hear from those that know more about these two than I do.

July 31, 2019

Hey Kentuckians, please consider doing this.

Someone needs to make a Russian turtle 🐢 mascot uniform for Moscow Mitch.
It could have the 🇷🇺 Russian flag and the words “Moscow Mitch” on it.
Hire a college student to wear it and an accompanying burly security guard to show up and follow Mitch around.
It would drive him crazy.

July 31, 2019

Tuesday Debate Thread 🧵 #1

Have at it, Dems!

July 30, 2019

How Biden should respond to Trump calling him Sleepy Joe.

Biden: “you know, that’s actually pretty good because when I become President, Americans will finally be able to sleep well again”.

July 29, 2019

Is the New York Attorney General still investigating Trump?

You never hear anything about that anymore.

July 29, 2019

Morning Joe really good today on racism.

Joe calling out Mark Meadows and other Repubs regarding Cummings.

July 29, 2019

The only way Trump wins is as the Devil 👿 you know.

Excluding actual voter count manipulation by Russians or others, Trump can’t win a fair election this time. He’s just too toxic to too many people.

He can’t win.
But, we can lose it.
The only thing that makes us lose is if our nominee is painted as a bad person or nearly as bad as Trump is and some people in a few key states stay home or go with “the Devil they know”.

That’s why I am taking a very different view of our primaries this time.
Usually, I want our nominee to take all incoming heat to be totally vetted and battle tested for the general election.
But, not this time. I actually want our candidates to take a little gentler approach. They can’t be as battered as Hillary was in 2016 and we have to have a rousing fully throated unified convention in Milwaukee next July.
I want our nominee to be someone that 55-60% of the country will be proud and happy to vote for.
A landslide at the Prez level would humiliate Trump and also mean taking the Senate.

So, yes, bring up a candidates voting record to make contrasts and comparisons on the issues.
But, please candidates, make no personal attacks and be careful with your tone when criticizing a fellow Dem. This election may decide the future of our democracy.
Always keep that uppermost in your minds.

July 29, 2019

Just for poops & giggles, play my debate game.

After both debates on Thursday, what do you expect to see? Fill in the blanks below.

Tuesday: Williamson, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Bullock, Klobuchar, Beto, Pete, Warren, Sanders
Wednesday: Inslee, Gillibrand, Gabbard, Bennet, DeBlasio, Booker, Yang, Castro, Harris, Biden

The biggest winner from Tuesday night will be ______________.
The biggest loser from Tuesday night will be ________________.
The biggest winner from Wednesday night will be ______________.
The biggest loser from Wednesday night will be ________________.

*Extra Credit Question:
These candidates will dropout in August ________________________________________.

July 28, 2019

Ask everyone: "So what are you gonna do about it"

It has obviously now been established who and what Trump is. We know what his re-election would mean to this country and the world.
So instead of continuing to analyze his behavior, why don’t we analyze our own.

I’d love to ask every politician, media member, and civilian what they are going to do about Trump.
For me, it will mean letting go of a few more dollars, volunteering a few more hours, writing more letters to the editors, etc. I can’t wait until we have a nominee who will have my full fledged support no matter who she or he may be. Trumps behavior has made this bed wetting liberal even MORE determined to get him out of office.

What about you?

July 28, 2019

Time to get to work: Detroit, Philly, & Milwaukee.

Rightfully or wrongfully, those 3 cities were blamed for not turning out to vote in 2016 and tipping their states and the electoral college to Trump.
Will it happen again?
Will people stay home or not register ?

Political activists in these cities need to get to work NOW.
Capatilize on Trumps racist statements to fire up people of color and left leaning whites.
Get them registered and pledged to voting in 2020 no matter who our nominee is.

And other purple states need to do the same.
Large turnouts in Charlotte & Raleigh/Durham might flip NCarolina.
Miami/Orlando/Tampa Bay could flip Florida.
In fact All major metropolitan areas across the nation, Trump has called you out by way of his racist rant against Baltimore.

The question now is - what are we going to do about it?

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