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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
December 27, 2019

Someday the Corporate Masters will admit they wrongly gave us Trump.

We heard it during the 2016 run up from a few media Corporate overlords.
“Trump May be a horrible person and would be a horrible President, but he’s great for our ratings and our profit margins”.

So, they went along and gave him hundreds of millions in free advertising and went along with the fake and false equivalency stories and whataboutism garbage stuff on Hillary of the nothing burger missing emails and regurgitated Benghazi and Clinton foundation’s tripe.
All along, they knew that Hillary was eminently more qualified than Trump on every level from experience to intelligence to temperament to sanity.

But, the lure of the sick story that was Trump was just toooooo tempting not to give into.

Someone, someday may just beg forgiveness on their deathbed for the role that they played.
Or, maybe they won’t.
Sigh. And as Great Leader always says, “we’ll see what happens”.
My question is: when will their greed be overcome by the shame & humiliation that Trump brings?

December 25, 2019

This would blow the mind of a lot of religious Republicans.

What if our nominee OPENLY talked about his/her faith during the general campaign and challenged Trump on his lack of faith.
This would be turning the tables on what they have done against Democrats so many times.
I know that Mayor Pete openly talks about his faith and some others do as well.
But, I think we should take it a step further with something like this:

“In the uncertain times in my life and when I’ve had the really tough questions or situations to face, I’ve turned to my faith as a rock to rely on. We all fall short as humans and none of us have all of the answers. But what has genuinely concerned me about this particular current President is that he has said he doesn’t pray and he doesn’t ask forgiveness and he doesn’t think he ever needed Gods guidance or forgiveness because he is never wrong. How can that be?

Mr.President, you have claimed to be a Christian when you’ve wanted to get votes from people of faith. But when asked about your favorite Biblical passages, you’ve not had any. You wrongly named Two Corinthians as a book that you’ve read. I’d love to discuss some of those passages with you.
In fact, I’d love to discuss one of my favorite Biblical passages with you.
It very well could pertain to the times that you’ve locked little children in cages, mocked the disabled, lied constantly, committed adultery against three wives, been a horrible steward of the earth. The list is endless. And to those things, the appropriate Biblical passage would have to be,
‘Jesus wept’.”

December 17, 2019

Taking the Boards current temperature.

For those with a stated preference, please state who your second choice is.
For those that are Undecided, please state if you have several that you are leaning towards.
Go Dems, bring on another Blue wave 🌊 in 2020!

FYI...My second choice is Biden. (Heart with Warren, Head with Biden).

December 16, 2019

I'm moving to Melbourne in January.

Any tips would be appreciated .
Will be living in a “flat” in south Melbourne.
Are there any ex Pats on this web site living in Melbourne?

December 14, 2019

Did you see this coming? And, what now?

Remember the early days of Rush Limbaugh and then his imitators.
It was hard to imagine that they would completely take over the AM radio dial.
It was hard to imagine that they could just spout outright lies and vitriol.
It was hard to imagine that companies like Clear Channel would become Right Wing mouthpieces.

And, then, along comes the man from Australia who owned many worldwide “newspapers” and a satellite distribution company.
It was hard to imagine that he would team up with a Republican operative named Roger Ailes to create Fox News.
It was hard to imagine that our country and the journalism industry would accept this obvious propaganda outlet as a legitimate news source.
It was hard to imagine that the country had enough people that would buy into their bleached blonde, short skirt, bells and whistles, information as entertainment garbage.

But, On both accounts it has happened.
And with their success has become imitators.
News became a profit center and not a public service.
And, with that, Truth has become the victim.
Whose truth? What facts? Alternative facts - what the hell?
Yes. At least 40% of our country has been properly brainwashed into not believing the sky is blue unless they hear or see it is from a media source that they approve of.

We all now have what are basically these political cult members, these media zombies, in our families and social circles.
In fact, many strong former relationships have been partially or totally ruined over it.
It has changed America in so many ways and none of them are good.

So, the question now is whether or not there is any coming back from it.
Is right wing propaganda and Fox News going away?
Nope. In fact, there’s now a fledgling similar RW cable tv news network to compete with Fox.
And, there is the RW Sinclair propaganda company that keeps buying up local broadcast stations.

Some of us thought that this could never happen here.
There had to be enough “sane” Republicans that wouldn’t let their party become a complete cult that would support all of the horrible things that a con man like Trump would espouse.
Surely, the latest outrage or craziness would be the final straw.
But, no, there is no straw (plastic or paper) for them.There is no bottom they can find.
Being a Russian cheerleader is now just fine apparently. The Russians.
The rule of law party has now disdained the rule of law favoring a unitary executive.
Small and limited government? Balanced budgets and low debt? Free trade? All gone.

So, what of us now? The sane ones on the left and the left of center or the middle.
We now all see the magnitude of what has happened to our country and 1 of our 2 parties.
We didn’t march in the streets when Moscow Mitch stole a SCOTUS seat.
We probably won’t march and would it matter anyway when he makes a joke of any supposed impeachment trial with no witnesses. What “trial” there is will be a circus.

We only have November 3, 2020.
There We will have to combat these things:
Voter role purges and suppression by some states that can get away with it.
An outright rage and lie filled General campaign attack of whomever our nominee is.
More interference from Russia on social media. Bots galore.
Depression and apathy of our base that didn’t get the nominee they wanted or those that have just given up for other reasons such as a feeling of hopelessness that the game is rigged.

But, we do have one VERY BIG THING going for us.
Donald John Trump
He unites Democrats and thinking Independents more than anyone ever has.
While they may have 40% that have bought into the cult, we have at least 50% that have not.
We have 50% that loathe the man in the White House and the current GOP.
As for the other 10%, who knows? Are they really influenceable or just not interested?
Again, who knows?
But, if our 50% doesn’t give up and we get motivated, we can bring along a few of them.
And, thats all we need in 4-5 important states in the Electoral College and 4-5 states that will determine control of the Senate.

It’s there for us.
They know that too.
They will try everything legal and illegal, unethical, and immoral to keep their power.
We must know that and expect that.
But, we are the ones to SAVE OUR COUNTRY and, in some ways, our 🌎.
Four more years of Trump and Trumpism is more than this Democratic Republic could withstand in any kind of memorable form.

So, set your jaws as rigidly as you can for the next 11 months.
Work hard for your choice of nominee.
But, then, once we have one, know that you have to work even harder for OUR nominee.
That persons victory is OUR LAST REAL HOPE.
Go Dems! We can do this! We must do this! We WILL DO THIS!

Stepping down from my soapbox now and rolling up my sleeves to door knock & phone bank.
Have a good weekend.

December 4, 2019

My plan to redesign the primaries.

Yes, Iowa and NH are too white.
Yes, we need to change.
But change to what?
A national primary?
No, that would rule out the little guy with shallow pockets.

I’m more in favor of either regional or selected non regional groups of five.
Wrap it up in 10 weeks.
Start the first week of March.
Have all primaries (no more caucuses) on Saturday’s.
Go 10 straight Saturday’s.
Each Saturday features 5 states voting either in geographic clumps or non geographic selected by the DNC to show diverse demographics for each Saturday.
It’s time the parties took the power back fro the states in dictating how we get our nominees.

December 2, 2019

Where is the "journalism" concerning Russia/Trump?

To me, the entire Trump Presidency is all about what happened between him and those in Russia that developed his allegiance/alliance with them.
This could be the biggest political story in our nation’s history. Why isn’t it being vociferously chased?

I just don’t understand why there has only been piecemeal stories and reporting around the edges concerning Trumps Russia connections.
We need some modern Woodward and Bernstein’s to uncover every possible rock in Moscow and the links to a Trump.
When and why did Trump first show an interest in the Russians?
Who in Russia reciprocated that interest and why?
Once we know when, where, and why Trumps coziness to the Kremlin and to Putin or the Oligarchs began, I bet everything he has done both before and after his Presidency will make sense.

Follow the rubles and the kompromat, comrades.

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