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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
November 24, 2019

I think Devin Nunes/Tulsi Gabbard are secretly

Brother and sister.
They look alike and both love Russia and all dictators.

November 20, 2019

They better recess this hearing before the debate starts.

Shirley, they will.

November 20, 2019

Lindsey Graham sees nothing here. But Susan Collins probably "concerned".

She might even be very concerned.
Needs to mull things over.

November 20, 2019

My "bell weather" Chamber of Commerce repub brother speaks.

So, my brother is one of those economic Repubs but social liberals.
He’s not a bigot. Doesn’t hate gays or women or blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims.
He’s not really religious (goes to church on Xmas and Easter only). Basically an Agnostic.
Is pro choice on abortion.
He loves one thing and one thing only...it’s green. Money 💰.
He only wants lower taxes and fewer regulations and corporations free to run amok.

He hates and is embarassed by Trump but loves the stock market gains he is getting.
He doesn’t want to vote for Trump.
He wrote in Marco Rubios name in 2016.

I asked him what he thought of the Dem field.
Says his favorite is Tulsi Gabbard. He loves her.
Says he could vote for Bloomberg.
Says he might vote for Biden.
Says he has no interest in the rest of our field and probably wouldn’t vote or do a write in again if any of them are the nominee.
***unless the Dem nominee is Warren or Sanders,,, thinks they would both take his money,,,so said he will be “FORCED” to vote for Trump against Warren or Sanders.

Has anybody else asked some “supposed never Trumper” Repubs what they think of the Dem field? If so, I’d be interested to hear from you on this subject. Thanks, in advance.

November 19, 2019

Will we ever get the REAL answers ?

What is the genesis and nature of the Trump/Putin relationship?
Did/do the Russians have the capability of changing votes in American voting precincts?
If so, did this happen in the 2016 GOP Primaries and the 2016 General Election?
Was Trump groomed to be the President or was it just chance or luck for Russia?
What is it that Trump specifically wants out of his time as President? And after?
How many major players in the GOP have an allegiance to Putin/Russia and why?
Did Manaforts ties to the Ukraine make him Putin’s choice to be Trumps campaign manager?
What ties does Manifort have to Putin and Russian oligarchs?
What other GOP players have such ties? Graham? McConnell? Pence? Guiliani?

November 18, 2019

My brilliant FREE advice to Bloomberg and Patrick.

A lot of Dems are wondering why you guys are getting in the race so late.
You are not in the debates.
You are not going to get much coverage during the impeachment hearings.
So you need something big to talk about and get some media.

My big suggestion:
Hold a news conference on a day that there are no impeachment hearings.
Even a weekend, if you have to.
You will have signs, placards, bumper stickers ready to go of your TICKET.
You will announce your running mate.
That person will speak with you on the podium.
You will announce that the two you will be blanketing the country talking to Democrats before their states primary.

Who should they pick:
I say go for demographic and geographic diversity.
Bloomberg (NY) should choose either Harris (CA) or Abrams (GA).
Patrick (MASS) should choose Klobuchar (Minnesota).

They are already long shots.
So, why shouldn’t Bloomberg and Patrick make this unusual move?
It will get a lot of free media coverage plus two heads/mouths on the campaign trail.

Ok, DU boys and girls, tell me why I’m right or wrong with this advice.

November 17, 2019

Here's hoping that December brings a smaller stage.

So, this Wednesday we will once again have 10 candidates on stage.
But, so far, only 6 have qualified for the December debate.

I hope it stays that way.
The fewer the better for me. Six is plenty.

November 16, 2019

Will we ever know the REAL Russia/Trump story?

You would think that some enterprising journalist with Russian connections and sources might someday break this story.
What is the hold that Putin has on Trump?
When did it start and what are the parameters and who are all the players?

November 15, 2019

Does working for Bain make Patrick unacceptable?

I dont know that much about them.
Venture Capitalists, I think?
Otherwise, He seems fine to me but I don’t know what he offers that differs from the rest.

November 10, 2019

My way too early Senate Impeachment vote prediction.

I believe the Senate vote for removal from office will go down party lines with 4 exceptions.

Romney and Murkowski will vote yes. Collins will be VERY concerned 😦 but still vote no.
Manchin and Jones will vote no.

Just my .02.

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