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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,697

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I finally figured out who Mayor Pete reminds me of.

Was just watching him in New Hampshire filling out ballot paperwork.
He just comes across as such a nice guy. Very likable.
But, just a little bit nerdy. But in a good way.
He’s, of course, brilliant (probably Mensa) but he doesn’t come across as arrogant at all.

For those that remember the show Leave it To Beaver, Pete reminds me of Beavers very nice, smart older brother Wally. Wally always did the right thing and took care of his little brother.

Get ready for the pro Trump punditry lovefest.

You know what’s coming.
They will say that this is a huge foreign policy victory for Trump personally.
Some will undoubtedly say that combined with this and the “wonderful economy” that the country should ignore the Democrats Impeachment efforts.
You will want to vomit.
I’m staying away from watching, listening, or reading any of it for a week or so.

My crystal ball on Bernie and Mayor Pete

For several months now, I have thought that our decision would and should come down to a choice between Biden or Warren. I think they both well represent the two wings of our party and I think either would beat Trump.

However, I don’t see the field clearing to give them a one on one battle at least until after Super Tuesday and probably not even then. Bernie has a rock solid base of 15-20% and Mayor Pete is flush with cash.

The only fly in my progosticative ointment would be if either Biden or Warren swept 🧹 all 4 or even 3-4 of the early primaries. But, I don’t see that happening.
What I do see happening is that if a candidate doesn’t make the December debate, they will probably have to drop out. So we may only have 5-6 on the ballot in Iowa. Would be very interesting to see where those 3-4% candidates followers move.

Trump and Putin money laundering accusation

On Morning Joe today, Donnie Deutsch said Trumps loyalty to Putin stems from his days of losing casino money and going into bankruptcy. He said that Putin financially bailed Trump out when no American banks would and that this led to money laundering.
Joe said this idea has been speculation among many New York bankers for years.

I'd love to see Warren & Biden just talking.

Not a debate.
No moderators.
No questioners.
No audience.

Just the two of them sitting comfortably and questioning each other on policy.

I know this won’t happen and I know they aren’t the only two in the race.
But I do think that one of them will be our nominee.
And for that reason, I would just love to see them in a one on one non confrontational setting.

GOP 2020 ticket will be Romney/Haley

Romney will lead the “coup” in the Senate.
He will go to Trump in December along with Murkowski and a few others and tell Trump that there are the necessary 20 GOP Senate votes to join the Dems and remove him from office.
Instead of being humiliatingly removed from office, he will broker a deal for a full pardon from President Pence and resign.

The GOP’s 4 states that have already cancelled their GOP primaries will reinstate them.
Romney will win their nomination easily.
He then names Haley as his running mate.

The Dems will counter with either Biden/Harris or Warren/(Booker or Castro) as our ticket.

In November 2020, many MAGAts loyal to Trump will stay home angry at Romney & GOP.
We will win 300 electoral votes and popular vote by 5 million.
We will increase our House margin and reclaim the Senate.

I have seen the future.
If you’re smart, you will call your bookie today and bet the mortgage.

Any rallies planned for 11/3, 1 year out from Election Day?

I’m wondering if there will be any....one year away rallies either in DC or states.

After that debate, I'd like to see only 6 moving forward.

Very little will change.

The top tier:
Bernie looked rejuvenated.
Biden handled Syria and son thing.
Warren took all incoming basically unscathed but should rewrite her cost/taxes answer on MFA.

The new second tier:
Harris was fine but no big moment.
Mayor Pete and Klobuchar stood out and deserve to move forward.

The third tier:
With much love and gratitude, I think we’ve seen enough from:
Castro, Booker, Beto, Yang (all have strengths but this is not their moment).

The fourth tier:
Gabbard and Steyer Should not have been on stage last night.
Neither is Presidential material.

I'm absolutely fine with a debate about candidates families.

I’d love for there to be lots of discussion about whose family members are more honest and ethical.
Let’s put up the nude model who married for money and a green card against any Dem spouse.
Or put up all of the connections to sleazy mob like Oligarchs of Jarvanka and Donald Jr. to any of our candidates children.

Bring that discussion and comparison on - you stupid a-holes 😡🤬😈 in the media. Bring it!!!!!!

I'm concerned about lower level verbal bomb 💣 throwing at the debate.

With 12 people on stage, nobody is going to get a lot of questions.
And the questions that they DO get will probably not be ones that they like.
I believe there will be a lot of candidates interrupting and talking over each other.
People like Steyer (on impeachment) and Gabbard (on foreign policy) will try to zing somebody to get noticed for the post debate spin and shows tomorrow night and Wednesday.
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