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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
August 31, 2018

36% equals America's Backwash

Today’s new ABC poll shows a SAD 😢 Trump job approval number of 36% deplorables.
This after a really bad week of Trumpie type fake news.
I think this is his low water mark.
No matter what else he says or does or what Mueller comes out with will probably drop it.

This 36% is total Trumper cultist.

That’s fine. That’s a number that we can certainly live with on Nov.6th.
In fact, even if he inches back up a few points, we are still good.
Would love to see it stay under 40%.

But, let’s go with best case scenario.
If he stays at 36% on midterm day, what do we get for an early Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/festivus present on Nov.6th.
I say:
A new House will have 210 GOP, 225 Dems
A new Senate will have 49 GOP, 51 Dems (includes Ind. that caucus with Dems).
And we flip a handful of Governorships including wins for Abrams/GA and Gillum/FLA. Woot!

And, I will be dancing 🕺 in the streets!
Your thoughts?

August 25, 2018

America's Mayor no match for America's Pecker.

Move over Rudy, Peckers got this now.
How fitting it will be if the National Enquirer guys secret vault brings down Trump.

“This is Geraldo Rivera. Welcome to this very special live exclusive look inside David Peckers vault.
Until this very moment in time, Trump had held the upper hand on Pecker. But, tonight all of Peckers inside stuff will come gushing out for all of America to see. To call this Pecker moment HUGE, would be doing it a disservice. Countdown with me America, as the vault opens,.....
5, 4, 3, 2....whoa, wait, Ivanka? What are you doing running in her right before Peckers climactic moment for the nation and your Daddy’s presidency”.....

“Well, Geraldo....I just can’t let you open that vault. I know what’s in there. My Daddy introduced me to his best little friend Mr. Pecker at a very young age. I’ve known for a long time how this Pecker operates and it’s not very pretty. I don’t think America can really handle how big this Pecker thing is. It will blow up the country. Geraldo, I’m begging you, please don’t open the vault.”

“Ivanka, I’m sorry, America knows about your love for your Daddy and his very strangely inappropriate love for you. But, this is live tv, man.....and THIS vault is my chance to make everyone forget the last one....so, get the hell outta my way, Ivanka.....it’s Pecker time”.

August 21, 2018

Question for regular Morning Joe watchers.

Yes, I watch the show now that they hate Trump.
Yes, I know that some of you still don’t and won’t care about this post.

That being said, for those that watch the show, I think something is up with Mika.
She and Joe were gone last week and the substitutes said they would be back this week.
However, both yesterday and this morning, Joe was back and Mika was not.
And, on top of that, Joe didn’t even mention that she was off or when she would be back on either Monday’s or Tuesdays opens.

I’m wondering if she is going thru something personal or thru contract negotiations?
For the last few months, she has rarely been on the show.
And even when she is there, she doesn’t seem as fully engaged as she once was.

August 18, 2018

This book should be the lead story on every newscast.

The author has had just a few short interviews that I have seen.
He’s very low key and not very charismatic but he definitely nails Trumps relationship with Russia explaining it from its genesis until now.
Hopefully, Muellers staff has interviewed him and read the book.


August 17, 2018

The key numbers for midterms are 35 and 15.

If we could get the reputable polls (Gallup, Quinnipiac) down to 35% Trump approval and the Dems at plus 15 on the generic ballot for Congressional party preference, we will have a huge blue 🌊 that will give us about a 20 seat advantage in the House and 2 seats in the Senate.

Here’s hoping the bad news of late for the White House can continue thru October and we will see those magic numbers or something close to them.

August 16, 2018

Why won't Mark Burnett release The Apprentice tapes?

The way I understand it, Burnett is the creator and owner of the show.
He got NBC to air it, but he owns it.
If that is true, then whatever outtakes and unaired footage that exists belongs to him.
So, that begs the question:
Does he have the only copy of anything incriminating to Trump or others on his show?
It is possible that a line producer, editor, or someone on the show secretly made and kept copies.

Burnett is reportedly a very close friend and ally of Trump.
If so, he has assuredly made efforts to corral any “rogue” incriminating tapes out there.

My question is this: what would it take to flip Burnett or anybody that could still be holding such a tape or tapes?
Money? Appeals to patriotism? Blackmail?

August 15, 2018

For Morning Joe regular viewers.....a question.....

Have you noticed that Mika takes a lot of time off?

August 13, 2018

The BIG question - what REALLY happened - and where America is headed.

I keep trying to see thru and past all of the distractions and diversions.
The old adage to always follow the money only takes us so far.
Yes, it appears that Trump was compromised/blackmailed/co-opted by Russia.
But, when and by whom and for whom?

How do the real powers in this country...think Mercer’s, Koch’s, Adelsons types...figure in.
They knew Trump was a useful idiot.
They knew Russia helped him win.
They were thrilled by that and by not getting Hillary.

But why did they want him?
Would they have preferred a Rubio or Cruz or some other Republican.
That is really hard to answer.
We know that Trump himself neither expected nor wanted to win.
He just wanted the higher profile, branding, and money (whether it came domestically or from Russians).

But when he won (or it was manipulated successfully by any number of ways), the powers that be had to see how to handle him. Could he be managed? And by whom?
Would he live up to any deal to approve their tax cuts and deregulation (the only things they really cared about).
Yes, at first. With the added bonuses of him approving all of the pro corporatist judges that they recommended to him thru the Heritage Foundation and Other front groups.

But, the fly in the ointment was Trumps going rogue on trade.
The tariffs really pissed them off.
They really don’t like his isolationist non globalist views.
So, they are probably deciding right now if their useful idiot has outlived his usefulness.
Will Rupert Murdoch and other media power brokers turn on him in favor of Pence.
Can they wait until 2020 to dump him.
It’s too late now to do it before the midterms.
They know the Dems will take the House (unless they truly do have access to enuf source codes in enuf states to actually change enuf vote tally results).

But, maybe that’s ok with them.
Let the Dems in a new majority in the House in 2019 do the dirty work in voting for Articles of Impeachment. Then, behind the scenes while the Senate hems and haws about trying to find 67 votes, the power people let Trump know that he better resign or, at least, not run in 2020 or they will turn on him. They will threaten to release all of Muellers findings when the report is finalized and Dish even more dirt that people like Mark Burnett and others have on him.

Whatever happens, you know that the power people have a PLAN A, B, and C.
We only live in their world. They make the rules.
They will decide soon which way to take America and what our post Trump country will look like.

August 12, 2018

Easy answer to NFL players kneeling "controversy".

For those of you that have attended both college and pro football games, you know that the college teams don’t come out of their locker rooms until AFTER the national anthem has been played.
Pro teams could do the same if the tv networks would move kickoffs back a few minutes.

August 10, 2018

Laura Ingraham should read "Who moved my cheese 🧀?"

A lot of people in the business world have considered this required reading for their employees.
Especially companies that merge or are bought out. It’s about change.
Change is difficult, Laura.
But, yes, America is getting blacker and browner.
Guess what, Laura, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.
Get to know some black and brown people, Laura. You might be surprised how similar they are to you and how much you like and no longer fear them.

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