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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
March 31, 2018

Thank you, Notre Dame Womens Hoops!

UConn loses in national semifinals in OT for second straight year.

March 29, 2018

We need a when does it end Mueller contest.

You name the day and month that you think Mueller will wrap up his investigation.
The winner gets a pre apocalyptical “lets bring on Armageddon” last supper with incoming President Pence, Mother, John Bolton’s mustache, and 9 other disciples.

* of course, being the liberal swine that you are, the winner of this contest will not be allowed to eat with the chosen divine ones assembled. You will, however, be given the honor of washing their feet (while always averting your eyes lest you be turned into salt if you make eye contact).

March 28, 2018

Are Melanias parents now American citizens?

Was talking with a progressive who said there’s a story here that no media have followed.
They were saying that Melanias parents were beneficiaries of the so called “chain immigration” that Trump and the right have railed against.
I can’t find any facts on this.
Anybody know if after Melania was naturalized that her parents were too?

March 17, 2018

All humans (even Repubs) base their lives on 2 basic questions.

We all ask ourselves:
Do we believe in an afterlife?
If the answer is yes or maybe, we ask a second question.
What is the least amount of bad things and most amount of good things that I have to do to secure a seat in Heaven instead of Hell.

If the answer to question one is no, here’s the second question.
Knowing there is no such thing as God or an afterlife, do I still want to live a morally and ethically good life trying to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing or do I do whatever I want not worrying about some fake concept of a Hell as punishment?

Why is this germane to politics?
Because what guides our decisions about an ultimate reward or punishment determines the type of public policy and politicians that we want to adhere to and follow.

March 11, 2018

Trumps claim that he knows Oprahs weakness

In case you missed it, Trump was campaigning last night in Penn for that SacfullofshitCone guy who faces Dem Conor Lamb on Tuesday.
Trump went way off script.
Called Chuck Todd a son of a bitch.
Really interesting thing he said was how much he wants Oprah in 2020.
Kept teasing audience that he knows her weakness.
Of course, he didn’t say what he thinks it is.

What do you think he was referring to ?
My guess is that this was a dog whistle of the long time rumors that Oprah is gay.
Even though she has shot this down many times, I bet he wants people thinking about it.

March 8, 2018

A political question for DU Christians.

Only really want opinions from Christians or those with Trump Christian family members.

How do those that voted for Trump and still support him reconcile all of Trumps immoral actions and statements with their personal religious views.

Do they simply not believe things like the Stormy Daniels story?
Or do they think that it is of little importance as long as he’s anti abortion and appoints very conservative judges?
Are they just so partisanally hypocritical that that wouldn’t allow such behavior from Dems but it’s ok from a Repub simply because they are on the same team/tribe?

March 1, 2018

Should we start practicing saying President Pence?

Mueller is apparently getting very close to the Oval Office.
All of the pressure on Manafort, Kushner, and the departure of Hope Hines are big news.
Can Mueller get Trump on the three biggies?: obstruction, collusion, money laundering.

I think he already has obstruction nailed.
Prob has money laundering.
Has violations of emoluments clause.
And may be to close to collusion, coordination, or something like it.

In March, I bet we hear that Trump will refuse to be interviewed by Mueller on advice of counsel.

More than anything he doesn’t want his finances, including taxes, disclosed.

I bet he would make a deal with the GOP leadership and DOJ to resign before the midterms.
Keep my finances quiet and I will admit that I unknowingly obstructed Justice.
He will claim ignorance and the GOP and their media mouthpieces will go along with that.

Start listening to hear on right wing radio and Fox hints that they are moving away from Trump and toward Pence.
They will defend Pence at all costs.
Unless Mueller has some kind of smoking gun that also brings down Pence, I think he will be President by June.
This will give the GOP time to hone their message for the midterms.
It will go like this.

Paul Ryan statement:
“We are very disappointed in the actions of President Trump. He let power go to his head and ended up obstructing Justice. Fortunately, those of us in the Republican Party who have put country over party have rightfully voted for his Impeachment. But, with the Presidents appropriate decision to resign, the country was saved having to go through the impeachment process. The good news is that we have a person with the utmost character and ability to assume the role of Commander in Chief. Mike Pence has unquestioned ethics, morality, and the correct temperament for the job at this time in our country’s history. I know that you all will join me in wishing him well. God Bless America.”

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