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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
September 28, 2017

Has William Weld spoken publically since November?

I remember that he stated he would much rather have Hillary than Trump right before November.
He even said that he had briefly thought about stepping down as VP on the Libertarian ticket and instead endorsing Hillary. But, he said that wouldn't be fair to Gary Johnson.
I wonder if he now regrets that.

September 28, 2017

I hate the term...Fake News....who started it?

I'm assuming it was Trump.
Probably during the primaries.
Anyway, that term has pervaded all of my spaces.
I hear it from all different types of people who think it's funny.
It's not funny.

It's a deliberate effort to denigrate legitimate media sources and reports and lump them in with illegitimate ones (e.g. Fox News).

I hope the stupid term goes away when Trump finally does.

September 12, 2017

Question from an Agnostic regarding natural disasters

Just watching all of the reactions to Irma.
Lots of thanking God for things not being worse.
Being "blessed" that only their homes were "taken" and nothing more.

As a very rational and questioning person, I just have to ask.
Why is there never any anger or disappointment that something bad happened to them in the first place. So, they held prayer circles for the storm to miss them. Then, it hits them.

But, from their perspective, Gods answer to that prayer was no.
But, Gods answer to their prayers to keep them safe was yes?
So, it's still all good with God?

God is always blameless for anything bad that happens that he could have prevented?
But, God is always praiseworthy for anything bad that did not happen?
Seems like having your cake and eating it too from a logical, rational, thinking perspective.

Please show me where I'm wrong just on the logic.
Don't want to hear about inadequate levels of faith and "everything happening for a reason" that humans are not supposed or able to comprehend.

September 1, 2017

Please fill in these political blanks.

In comparing a Veeps relationship to his POTUS.

Cheney was to Bush as __________ is to ___________.

Biden was to Obama as __________ is to ___________.

Pence is to Trump as ____________ is to ____________.

Be funny, sad, or serious. Just be creative.
Winner, winner, 🐥 dinner.

September 1, 2017

People that don't like puppy kisses always concern me.

To me, a puppy kiss is one of the greatest gifts ever.
I have friends and family members who hate them, though.
Why would you turn down that unconditional love just because of a little doggy saliva?

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