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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
July 31, 2017

When do WE get to say "We Told You So" to the 38%? Can they be changed?

I am far from being a Nance Greggs or any of the other outstanding writers on this site.
But, I'd like to take a shot at making some observations and doing some spleen venting.

Now, that I've finally gone thru all of the stages of grief since November, I feel like that I internally (not externally yet in fear that the guys in white coats might round me up) scream for our nation everyday.
Still, I keep waiting and hoping that the latest outrage of the day will be the tipping point.
The bridge too far.
The thing that Trumps most ardent and/ or ignorant zombies can no longer defend.
And, then they do. Somehow, they still do.

So, I am taking a step back and looking thru their eyes. As much as that is possible for an old yellow dog Democrat who is probably further to the left of most people in his sphere of reference.

The easiest group to understand is the hateful dividers.
They hate anything that is not a white Christian. And, at that , it must be the right type of Christian.
Episcopalians Presbyterians, Catholics are fake and they don't count.
They have very few sources of news. Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levine, etc.
That list once included Glenn Beck. But, he turned on Trump and they then dumped Beck.
To these people, Trump has been sent and ordained by God.
Evangelical leaders have said so.
The adultery, foul mouthing, pussy grabbing, etc. matters not.
Neither does Trump not stepping foot in a church more than three times in 30 years.
Two Corinthians. I ain't even the religious type and I done knower that ain't no how right.
And what about Trump never saying that he has been "saved" and baptized and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior that this group usually insists on to give their approval.
Which, incidentally, lifelong Christian and avowed Methodist Hillary Clinton has publically affirmed her Christianity. Fake news. Secret lesbian. Abortion loving baby killer, etc. Can't be Christian.

The Evangelicals only take their marching orders from the pulpits.
The pulpits love that Trump has said they can openly preach politics and endorse during church hours and sermons with no tax repercussions.
They love that he gives lip service to the abortion issue even though he really could care less and wouldn't hesitate to force any woman that he knocked up into having one.
Cheating on two wives didn't matter. That is so 1990's.
And, besides , Trump now cares who uses what bathrooms. Of course people, he doesn't. But, the Evangelicals and their breeds and broods can raise money off of the issue and get the state of North Carolina to run interference on the issue with the SCOTUS.
So, I get why this type of Republican and/or Trumper (which aren't always one in the same) keep supporting him. But, there are not enuf of them to come up with the stagnant 38 or so % of favorables. So, who are the others?

To me, this is the group of non-deplorably social but malignantly greedy self interested.
They are your traditional don't tax me, government drowned in a bathtub, makers vs takers Paul Ryan types.
They have shown that power is all that matters.
Making a deal with someone that they know is personally disgusting still beats the alternative.
And, to them, that alternative is the anti capitalist, soak the rich, give everything away to the lazy, non productive element of society.
The gasp - Democrats.
To them there is nothing worse or to be more reviled.
Yes, Trump is crude, lewd, and socially unacceptable.
But, at least he's no longer a Democrat.
And, about that.
When he does do or say something outrageous, listen to the Joe Scarborough types say that we must all remember that he was a Democrat before 2011. Before he found a niche to get attention on a national level (other than just a so called reality show) and hated Obama and went birth certificate searching.

But, once again, the most important thing to this group is the small government agenda.
If Trump would just stop tweeting and stop ad libbing off of his Ayn Rand crafted TelePrompTer speeches, everything would be great.
Repubs own all branches of government after McConnells successful SCOTUS coup. I still don't understand why Obama didn't recess appoint Garland. That mistake will haunt us for a generation.

So, these "traditional" don't tax me Repubs and the aforementioned religious group make up almost all of that 38% of Trumps remaining supporters while the rest of us shake our heads in disbelief.
What would would it take to budge either?
Taking away what they most cherish.
The first group values, amongst all, The us vs them ideal that they are good and Godly and that those that oppose them are not. Trump has said that him actually killing someone wouldn't change that groups opinion of him. And he's probably right.
And the moneychangers? What would bring them out of their Temples of gold?

Their AUTHORITY figures must be changed.
What would make the Pat Robertson types and the Rupert Murdoch types both turn on Trump?
Is there anything?
I leave that up to brighter and more insightful minds than mine.
Any thoughts, fellow travelers?

July 28, 2017

Boy Scouts statement re:White House staff

"On the recommendation of the White House Communications Department, the Boy Scouts are very pleased to award an honorary merit badge to Steve Bannon for demonstrating excellent skill and performance in the area of auto fellatio. For this effort, Bannon has also been named the honorary national chairman of the Webelos."

July 28, 2017

Trump is Chauncey Gardner in the movie "Being There"

Where a near imbecilic man is mistaken for a genius by sycophants around him.
Remember Peter Sellers great performance?
"I like watching television".

July 24, 2017

How and when will Mueller issue his report?

Just wondering if he will hold a news conference and take questions or just issue a written statement.
Also wondering if he will finish before or after the 2018 midterms.
It seems like there are so many people and so many avenues that he has to investigate.
I really want the report to come out before the midterms.

July 23, 2017

When wil mainstream media call Trumpers what they really are.

Here's what I've found and believe they have to be to still support him:

Instead, its that they are:
Fiercely loyal
Staunchly partisan (most would not understand the word staunchly)
Anti establishment

July 22, 2017

Would Justice Kennedy prefer Trump or Pence replace him?

When those rumors popped up a couple of weeks ago about Justice Kennedy considering retirement, it made me wonder what might be better. Do we really want him deciding based on the possible impeachment of Trump?
For Pence to get to name a Justice would be his fulfillment of the wet dream his "Mother" (the term he uses when referring to his Stepford wife) could never match.
We know that the Evangelical Dominionist is mainly concerned with social issues.
He wants to roll back to abortion being murder, marriage only a man and a woman, prayer in schools, no separation of church and state, yadda yadda yadda, praise heyZeus, amen.

Kennedy knows this. And, I doubt he likes the idea of Pence replacing him with a total social neandrathal. I think Kennedy is more of the give it all to the corporations kind of republican than the evangelical type. Of course, with Gorsuch we got both and more. I'm afraid he will be Scalia on steroids only with a prettier smile and gentler demeanor.
So, maybe, just maybe , Kennedy will just stick around just to see what's going to happen with Muellers report and/or the midterms.

I think that Trump has already fulfilled his deal with The Heritage Foundation types with Gorsuch. With the next vacancy, Trump might want to put his own stamp on the court. Hell, he might even let it be a family decision. What if the supposedly social liberal Ivanka and Jared convinced Donald to pick his sister. She is a judge and supposedly a fairly liberal one. Or, he could just throw that threat out there to get Bannon and his bunch of isolationist nutjobs all on edge. We know how Trump loves to stir the pot even in his own staff.

Anyway, for us, is either Trump or Pence picking the next Justice just a matter of picking a poison. Or is one really better than the other.?

July 19, 2017

Questions to ask Trumpers.

Oh, you voted for Trump.
So, is it ok to grab your genitals?
So, do you mock or make fun of handicapped people?
So, do you fat shame women?
So, do you think Mexicans are rapists?
So, do you imply men with small hands have small genitals?
So, do you think all Muslims are terrorists?
So, do you not pay people that do work for you?

What else?

July 19, 2017

Turning away from Trump supporter relationships.

I recently overheard a conversation of an acquaintance.
She was someone that I had hoped might become a friend.
But, the conversation I heard had her expressing how great Trump is.
Now, I just want to keep her only as an acquaintance, if even that.
What's weird about this is how I have changed.
I know many Repubs. But, I am not close friends with any staunch Trump backers.
Somehow, it just seems so different with those who back Trump.
It's like I'm, for a new word, a Trumpaphobe.
I just have no respect for people who voted for him especially if they continue to support him after these horrid six months.

Anybody else look at people this way now?

July 15, 2017

Have we reached "Idiocracy" level yet?

The movie Idiocracy is about a dumbed down America.
I believe that we have been purposely dumbed down by corporate America.
We are overly entertained, under informed and poorly educated.

Higher education has been under attack for over 20 years.
Having "common sense" is valued over "book learning".

If societies are not educated, the people don't know the proper questions to ask authorities.
So, out of embarrassment or apathy, they don't ask and stop caring.
They are pliable and obedient.

At least 40% of our population has reached that level.
And that just might be enough to destroy America.
Have a nice day, while you still can.

July 14, 2017

"Dump Trump's Bunch"

That should be our slogan for the 2018 midterms.
Associate all Republicans running as being tied to Trump and his lies and incompetence.

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