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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
August 31, 2016

I fear the first debate reaction.

You can see it coming.
No matter how much more Presidential, knowledgable, mature, calm, poised,etc. that Hillary is, you know the media will (at best) call it a tie.
With their only goal being a tight horse race, they will not state the truth.

Donald could take a big flaming dump on the stage and Kellyanne would spin it into the sweetest smelling fertizlizer ever produced. And, the media lapdogs would take it all in with approval.

August 31, 2016

Of all people, Mika is first to tell the truth about Trump.

Yes, she did this after helping to create Trump in the primary.
Yes, she did it only after Trump called her a neurotic mess.
Yes, she did this only after Trumo threatened her publically about exposing details about her "supposed" romantic relationship with her co-host Joe.

Whatever her reason, on Tuesday mornings show at 6:23am eastern time, Mika couldn't take it anymore. She called everyone in the mainstream media out.
She said that he is, what everyone on this site knows, in no way qualified by any measurement to be Potus. It was a thing of beauty to finally have someone on the tv box say it.
To say what any thinking, rational, human knows.

I don't have a link to yesterday mornings show.
But, if someone could find it on Msnbcs web site and post a link, it is well worth watching.

***On edit - Well, it only lasted a day. Today (Wednesday) she said she's not so "emotional" today. And, she's all about Hillarys awful emails. Sigh.***

August 30, 2016

NBC Survey Monkey this morning

National weekly tracking poll announced on Morning Joe
Hillary 48
Trump 42
(She led by 8 last week. So, a 2 point drop)

It's 41-37 in four way race.

August 29, 2016

I want to see some reputable polls this week

that show Hillary with at least plus 8 nationally and plus 5 in battleground states.

August 28, 2016

Trump talking heads spouting that they are making big gains.

They didn't say which polls...only that Trump now trails by only 2 points nationally and that he has gone from 1% of black vote to 8%.
I haven't seen these polls. Have you?

August 24, 2016

Trumps background crowds try to look browner

I know a lot of you probably dont watch Trumps rallies.
For me, they are like train wrecks and I still keep waiting for a total meltdown.
Anyway, since his new "black and brown outreach", I have noticed that they are putting as many people of color as they can (maybe the only ones they can find in the crowd) right behind him so they are picked up by the cameras.

Just imagine being a Trump staffer right before an event roaming the crowd trying to find people of color and convince them to move and stand behind Trump.
"Um, excuse me, um um...the campaign is...um , really glad ur here, and Mr.Trump would love for you to come...um um...stand, like, you know, right behind him....um, and, yeah, I hate to ask this, but, um um,.you really do support Mr.Trump right?....like, um youre not a secret Hillary supporter here to just...you know...I mean...you know...disrupt things?"

August 21, 2016

As an old white guy, someone please tell me something.

Lately I've been seeing several African American Pastors all over tv shilling for Trump.
And they just make things up about Pres Obama and Hillary spewing hate.

Do you see them as genuine or fake people just on his payroll?

August 19, 2016

What was Outrageous yesterday is forgotten today.

You could see it coming right?
Hillarys lead in the battleground states was just too big.
So, the media was looking for something, anything, from the Trump campaign where they could help make it a horse race again.
And, now it's gosh shucks Little Miss Kellyanne.
Isn't it wonderful how she got Donald to...cough..kinda sorta ...apologize for something...he regretted....not sure what it was...but wasn't that great..
Republicans can now all come home now....

Those outrageous things he's been saying for months are forgiven....or they were minor mistakes, or just exaggerations, or just an act to rev up his base, etc etc.

Forget what we said just yesterday that the Gop should forget the Prez race and just concentrate down ballot.
Forget that we have said that Trump is the most unqualified candidate ever.
That is so yesterday.

Today, the Donald has risen from the ashes on Kellyannes wings.
Now, what about that Clinton Foundation. Isn't it just horrible?
Ooh...the polls should really tighten up again. And, the media whores all will rejoice.

August 17, 2016

They will continue to polish the turd.

Excuse the crude reference.
But, it is apropos. You can't polish one.
But, most Repubs and most media members (who desperately wants a close horse race again) now are glowing about Trumps outreach to blacks and his campaign staff.

Yes, going to an all white audience fifty miles from Milwaukee and saying he would keep the nasty illegals from taking black jobs was awesome? Seriously?
Hiring Brannon, a piece of filth from Breitbart, was brilliant? Seriously?

Hillarys FBI notes from email investigation will be terrible for her? Seriously?
That ship has sailed and most Americans don't care.
Yes, she screwed up by using the separate sever.
So, the hell what?
The Clinton Foundation has some nepotism attached to it?
So, the hell what?

We have two choices in this election.
A lifetime public servant who is eminently qualified.
A narcissist, who may have other serious mental issues, who is overwhelmingly unqualified.

But, that doesn't matter. It's just the worlds most important job interview. No biggie.
Just so they get their horse race.

August 15, 2016

I hate to bring up Donald's hands....

But, where is his wedding ring?
Has he never worn one?
Did Melania leave him?

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