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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
May 12, 2016

Does anybody here personally know Nina Turner?

I looked at her web site and it says she is currently a motivational speaker and former Ohio State Senator.
I wonder if she wants to run for political office again.
She has great energy, charisma, and really connects with an audience.
Would love to see her as DNC Chairman.

May 12, 2016

What would a GOP attack on Bernie look like?

It is factual, not speculation, that up until now Bernie outperforms Hillary nationally and in most every polled state against Trump.
That is the primary basis of Bernies assertion why he would be the better nominee.

Hillarys team and the MSM claim that those numbers are meaningless because the GOP machine has not taken aim at Bernie yet.
They assume, and it's never challenged, that those attacks would be successful and Trump would destroy Bernie.

For arguments sake, let's say they are correct.
So, for this exercise, let's state what we think those attacks would contain.
1. He's a socialist, which is kinda like a communist.
2. He had his honeymoon in Russia because he's a commie.
3. He said something nice about Castro, because he's a commie.
4. In his youth, he wrote some dirty sexual stuff, because he's a commie.
5. He wants income equality, because he's a commie and hates billionaires.
6. He believes health care is a right and not a privilege, because he's a commie. Etc. etc.

I'm sure that both Bernie and Hillary supporters can come up with others.
But, can we just stipulate that they would all claim that Bernies a commie.

And, then, just imagine - in your minds third eye - during the DNC convention, in rallies, speeches, advertising, and the debates (oh, especially the debates) how Bernie would explain his political governance philosophy of democratic socialism patterned after FDR.
Imagine the marketing of a modern day FDR against Donald frigging Trump.
I'd take that comparison every day and twice on the first Tuesday in November.
The commie thing would not stick.
Bernie and Jane would charm many in the middle class and they would win Independents and millenials in a landslide...plus bring in the traditional Dem base of women and minorities.

How do I KNOW that. I don't, of course. But, it's what I think would happen.
But, how do those that claim Bernies numbers against Trump would be reversed by GOP attacks KNOW that. They don't.
It's all just speculation.

For me, it's a shame we won't find out because Bernie vs Trump would be the greatest show on earth.
I know the math. I know Bernie is just playing out the string thru California as he promised his supporters he would do despite the math.
But, I thank him for his Herculean effort against incredible odds. He spoke for me and millions of others on so many issues that we care deeply about.

P.S. After June 7th, I will be done talking about Bernie. Hillary will be our nominee. My nominee.
I've already ordered my I'm With Her bumper stickers and yard signs that will replace my
Bernie ones on June 8. on Jan 20, She will be #45 and Trump will return to reality TV.

May 5, 2016

Hillary supporters will soon be happy with Bernie.

Here is what I think happens.
On June 8, the day after California primary, Bernie will hold a press conference where he will say that it is apparent that Hillary has won the nomination.
He will then congratulate her and give her a full throated endorsement stressing where they agree on most policy positions.
He will degrade The Donald and say that he has called Secretary Clinton and told her that he is willing to do whatever he can to help her win.

I know some of you on both sides right now don't see this happening.
But, it will.
We will be united in Philadelphia and beyond.
Hillary will win big in November.
We will reclaim the Senate and make big gains in the House.

Bernie will get to Chair the committee on the Environment with Dems in majority.
His new organization will then start raising money to try to get as many progressive candidates as possible to run in the midterms in 2018 and get back the House.

Happy Days are about to be here again!!!! Hang in there for just one more month and it's smooth sailing after that. Love does Trump hate!

May 4, 2016

From a Bernie Guy - relax - Hillary will be Prez.

Everything is fine.
In fact, things are great for we Democrats.
Trump clinching is manna from heaven and will give us the Senate (and big gains in the House).

Bernie staying in thru California is a good thing.
He and his supporters know the super delegates will not change en masse to him.
He knows he won't get the nomination.
But, why get out now?
One more month won't damage Hillary.
It might even strengthen her with more people registering to vote.
All polling shows the vast majority, about 80%, of Bernie voters will vote Hillary in November.
The rest will vote Green or just stay home.
They won't vote for Trump. They just won't.

Bernies supporters in California and elsewhere deserve a vote on 6/7 when Hillary should clinch.
Bernie will get a good speaking spot in Philadelphia where he will bring down the house with a full throated endorsement of Hillary.
She will go on to win 40 states in November.
So, my dear Hillary friends, get a good herbal tea and a massage today.
I know you are disappointed about Indiana but that was just a blip on the screen.
on 6/7, my Bernie bumper sticker will be replaced with I'm With Her.
She will be President. Just a matter of how big the landslide will be.

May 3, 2016

Old white men love them some Trump

All 4 of these white former state of Indiana coaches have endorsed Trump:
Bobby Knight. Indiana Univ basketball
Gene Keady Purdue Univ basketball
Lou Holtz. Norte Dame football
Digger Phelps Notre Dame basketball

I've been flipping back and forth from CNN and MSNBC watching reporters talk to voters leaving the polling stations in Indiana....almost every white male over 50 voted for Trump...one was a hard core anti abortion guy and he voted for Cruz.

One older female Democrat, Hillary supporter said she crossed over to Repub to vote for Cruz because of how much she hates Trump.

May 3, 2016

My plan to revise the primary system.

No Caucuses
Five primaries held every 2 weeks representing different parts of country.
I would prefer having these every second Tuesday or every second Saturday.

Start the first Tuesday in February with Iowa, N.H., S.C., Nevada, Montana.
If the Iowa and New Hampshire people freak out, let them go first on Tuesday and the other three then go on the following Saturday.
Then 2 Tuesday's later, 5 more states from different regions.....and, so on...and so on.
After 20 weeks, all 50 states would have voted.
2 weeks later, all U.S. Territories and D.C. vote.

All states should use the Presidential primary dates as the same date for their state and local primary election contests. This would drive up voter turnout and save the states from having to have multiple elections.

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