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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
December 24, 2015

Bernies web site needs a donor counter

With how impressive the number has been, I wonder if they could add a running tally counter of the number of people that have donated to the campaign.

December 23, 2015

What were Trumps original intentions? Is he secretly on our side?

Rachel Maddow and a few others have taken a stab at this.
Some that know Trump personally also have.
They say he may not be on the up and up.
Is it all a fake reality show?

Conspiracy Theory - When he spoke with Bill Clinton in May, they cooked this up. Trump would be a stalking horse that actually wants to see Hillary elected. We know he has always been liberal on social issues, is basically an isolationist, and doesn't like how income equality has led to the loss of the middle class. The original goal was just to shake up the GOP and sell more books and increase his brand. But, with the early success, he just keeps upping the game with more outrageous statements. Now, with the nomination a real possibility, he's hoping to bring down the entire GOP and have Hillary win in a landslide where Dems reclaim Senate and maybe House.

Trumps daughter and Chelsea are very close friends.....hmmmm.
More food for thought.

Can you imagine what would happen, if on election night in November in his concession speech, that Trump would come clean and say he made all of this stuff up to become an outrageously unelectable general election candidate and that he is thrilled to have helped Hillary and the Dems win.
It would be the most epic troll of all time!

December 22, 2015

Urban Dictionary has several definitions for "schlonged"


Trump might use this if he gets a lot of negative pushback.
He might say that he thinks that word means definition number one, which is also bad, but not vulgar like number two.
December 22, 2015

Has anyone been to Iowa to volunteer?

Just wondering for those who have been there what they are seeing?
Does Bernies org have a good setup as far as GOTV to make sure that all caucus sites are covered.
I heard a discussion in TV tonight that Iowa will have something like 1700 sites.

December 18, 2015

DWS should take charge of this database situation.

It is her responsibility to promote good will and perceived fairness in the party.
To that end, she should make a statement that the DNC is looking into it and, if true, say that no campaign advantages were achieved or suspected of chicanery.

December 2, 2015

Would love to see Bernie make a bold move.

Since there aren't many debates and they are buried on weekends (thanks DWS).....
Since Donald Trump continues to suck all of the air with his daily outrages....
Since so many national media types are saying Hillary is already a done deal.....

I'm wondering if Bernie shouldn't try a couple of unconventional things.
What about announcing who his running mate and some cabinet members would be.
This wouldn't have to, necessarily, be saying exact names for each spot.
But, it would be throwing out several names of people he has spoken with that might have interest and he respects to show the type of people he would surround himself with.

The cherry on the top would be holding a press conference to introduce a running mate.
He could say that he is an unconventional candidate and he is breaking with the tradition of announcing a running mate in August and doing this now.
There are no party rules saying when a running mate has to be announced.
It would gather great interest and a whole lot of free media for several weeks.

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